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September 13, 2012

Catching up with the Sony RX1, A99, NEX-6 and lenses [samples and opinions too]

Now that we caught up with the latest Nikon D600 happenings, it is time to catch up with the latest Sony Big Bang happenings... (New Updates) below refers to updates that we did not mention in any of the previous round-ups; but given the chaotic nature of Photokina announcements, some may slip through in either direction.

What Has Gone Before?
+ Announcement Day round-ups: Sony RX1 and Alpha A99 and NEX-6 and The Rest
+ The Day After the Announcement round-up: featuring the RX1, A99 and NEX-6

Opinions on the new Sony Gear (New Updates)
+ a divided path for Sony at Photo Club Alpha
+ NEX system reaches maturity at Serious Compacts
+ NEX-6 rekindled Sony interest at Alpha Mount World
+ RX1 distilled opinion by Bjorn Uptott
+ RX1 in historical perspective at Visual Science Lab

Sony RX1 (New Updates)
+ hands-on first impressions at Quesabesde which has great hands-on reports
+ hands-on at Tech Radar
+ pre-orders: $2800 at Amazon

Sony Alpha A99 (New Updates)
+ Alpha A99 samples (including ISO range and RAW) at Quesabesde
+ Alpha A99 hands-on at Ming Thein
+ pre-orders: $2800 at Amazon (body only)

Sony NEX-6 (New Updates)
+ NEX-6 hands-on at Ming Thein (bottom half of the post)
+ NEX-6 hands-on at Tech Radar
+ pre-orders: NEX-6 body only for $850, NEX-6 w/16-50 for $1000

The New Sony Lenses (New Updates)
+ 35mm f1.8 NEX full size JPEG samples at ePhotozine
+ 10-18mm f4 NEX full size JPEG samples at ePhotozine
+ 300mm f2.8G SSM II SLR hands-on at ePhotozine
+ pre-orders: 35mm f1.8 NEX for $450, 10-18mm f4 NEX for $850 and 16-50mm NEX for $350

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