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September 15, 2012

Catching up with the Nikon D600 (JPEG and NEF samples, previews, unboxing)

The Nikon D600 buffers have filled up again, so it is time for a new round-up! Each round-ups features previously unmentioned posts, although, given the chaotic nature of Photokina announcements, some overlap may occur and some posts may be accidentally omitted.

What Has Gone Before?
+ D600 official announcement round-up
+ D600 The Day After the Announcement round-up
+ body only available for pre-order for $2100
+ w/24-85mm for $2600 if you buy body-only kit + 24-85 lens together in same shopping cart - see details

D600 Samples
+ JPEG and RAW studio test samples at Imaging Resource
+ ISO-range crops and color charts at
+ full-size samples gallery at Pop Photo (look for "Download the full-resolution image" link in right side of the slideshow to get the full size JPEGs)

D600 Previews and Hands-ons
+ hands-on at CNet Asia
+ text-based impressions at Photo Comment

Opinions, Etc
+ D600 limitations at The Mansurovs
+ is it too expensive? at F/Stoppers
+ 60 photographers fighting over five D600 display models at ePhotozine

+ for whatever reason, our biological macros insist on typing "D6000" instead of "D600. So you may see more "D6000" instead of "D600" references

YouTube Videos Party
+ unboxing by the McNamara report
+ hands-on with tea at Hardware Zone
+ 9-minute video preview by Jessops
+ 2-minute accelerated unboxing video by PC World Australia
+ 6-minute video from the Dubai/UAE launch
+ hands on with My Pet Magazine (not in English)
+ videos are YouTube-embedded below as well...

User-Generated Content
+ Art of the Image disagrees with Strobist comment on limitations of 1/200 sync speed

+ note: it's hard to tell whether some of the user-generated videos are ironic or satire or self-parodies or they are actually serious

+ overview at The Photo Video Show

YouTube Hall of Shame
+ idiot/spammer republished the Nikon Senior Program manager overview video of the camera and promotes it as "Honest and Real" review - see YouTube. This is a very bad practice.

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