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September 09, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: EX2f, RX100, G5, FZ200, 1D C, 1D X, etc

The time has finally come for a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest, after last week's triple-header post... Completed lens reviews can be found through the Lens Reviews stream... Completed reviews of non-boring/interesting/intriguing cameras can be found at the Camera Reviews stream... Stock and price updates on the hot cameras du jour can be found at the Stock Status mini-site...

+ EX2f review at PhotoXels
+ EX2f on-going review at Photographic Central
+ more reviews: EX2f (two completed as of time of writing) and Samsung cameras and Samsung lenses
+ EX2f shipping for $450 at B&H Photo and Adorama and various at Amazonia

+ RX100 tested and analyzed at Dxomark (see our earlier impact review alert for DXo-comparisons to many other DXo-measured cameras)
+ HX200v superzoom review at Camera Labs
+ more reviews: RX100 and Sony cameras and Sony lenses

+ G5 review at Pocket Lint
+ FZ200 constant aperture superzoom review at Photo Review
+ FZ60/FZ62 superzoom review at Photography Blog
+ FZ60/FZ62 superzoom hands-on at Trusted Reviews
+ LX7 review updated at DC Resource
+ GX1 battery options at Light Description
+ more reviews: LX7 and G5 iLC and Panasonic cameras and Panasonic lenses
+ stock status updates: LX7 and FZ200

+ will you miss the Fuji X-Pro1 hybrid OVF in the new X-E1? answered by the five reviewers at Digital Camera Info
+ X-E1 round-up at Foto Actualidad
+ S2980 superzoom samples at ephotozine
+ F11 swan song at Nothing Special
+ more reviews: Fuji cameras

+ K30 resolution and dynamic range samples at dpreview
+ more reviews: K30 DSLR and Pentax cameras and Pentax lenses

+ D800e seaside samples at Sound Image Plus
+ more reviews: Nikon cameras and Nikon lenses
+ stock status updates: Nikon D800 and D800eee

+ SX500 IS superzoom review (new model) at ePhotozine (perhaps 1st completed in-english review)
+ 1D C tests from "The Ticket" at Hurlbut Visuals
+ 1D X hands-on at Trusted Reviews
+ 1D X ISO-range color-chart studio test samples at Photography Review
+ T4i/650D hands-on at ThePhoBlographer
+ D-Rebel T4i/650D/Kiss-X6i/Beautiful-Flower-454i real-world JPEG samples at Photography Blog
+ Cinema C300 vs Blackmagic Design test charts at EOS-HD
+ more reviews: 1D X and Canon cameras and Canon lenses

Curiosity Factor
+ Black Magic Design video review at Philip Bloom
+ RED Scarlet X text-based review at PDN Online
+ BenQ G1 hands-on at Fotopolis (computer-translated)
+ Rolleiflex 6008 integral 6x6 by Ibraar Hussain at Steve Huff Post

Reference Material
+ list of new cameras in 2012
+ 2012 Trade Show Calendar
+ completed lens reviews
+ completed camera reviews (serious/advanced/interesting cameras only)
+ latest Camera Deals, specials, promotions and in-stock alerts
+ dedicated mini-site for Pre-Orders and Stock-Status

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