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September 04, 2012

Cameraholic Digest (Mirrorless): Nikon J2, Panasonic G5, GX1, Olympus E-M5, Sony NEX-5r, Samsung NX, Ricoh GXR

After a week, we finally have new Cameraholic Digest episodes. In order to keep them to a manageable and readable size, we are breaking them up in pieces today. This episode covers Mirrorless Cameras. It includes everything we didn't cover in the previous Cameraholic Digests or in the individual new camera announcement round-ups... Part #2 covers DSLRs, accessories and video... Part #3 features fixed lens cameras...

Nikon Angry Inch System
+ J2 review at Pocket Lint and earlier hands-on (organically tempted to call it Coolpix J2, I w[o/a]nder why...]
+ J2 samples at WDC?
+ J2 preview at ephotozine
+ can the Nikon J1 swing a Canon die-hard fan at Canon Blogger
+ Nikon 1 WP-N1 underwater housing hands-on at Pocket Lint
+ more reviews: Nikon CX 1-System cameras

Sony NEX e-mount
+ NEX-5R launch samples at LensTip
+ NEX-5R first impressions at CNet UK
+ Thom Hogan opines on Zeiss lenses and NEX at Sans Miroir
+ more reviews: Sony NEX e-mount cameras

Olympus M43rds
+ Is the E-M5 with the Panasonica 12-35mm lens a M43rds Dream Team at Sound Image Plus (and if yes, who is the Charles Barkley of the two?]
+ on E-M5 and lenses at Sound Image Plus
+ on E-M5 and 3rd-party batteries at The Digital Story
+ E-M5 watch photography at Ming Thein
+ Olympus will host OM-D vs DSLRs challenge at Photokina 2012 - via ePhotoZine
+ more reviews: all M43rds cameras

Panasonic M43rds
+ G5 on-going review at Sound Image Plus
+ GX1 opinion at (computer-translated)
+ more reviews: all M43rds cameras

Ricoh GXR
+ A16 24-85mm review at ePhotoZine
+ more reviews: GXR modules

Samsung NX
+ NX210 review at Pocket Lint
+ launch event samples with the NX20 and NX1000 at
+ more reviews: Samsung NX cameras

+ M9 travels to Spain by Aravind Krishnaswamy at Steve Huff Post
+ more reviews: Leica M-cameras
+ yes, these are rangefinders! They are grouped with the mirrorless cameras for organizational purposes, since, after all, they don't have a mirror, thus, mirrorLess ;-)

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