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September 04, 2012

Cameraholic Digest (Fixed Lens): LX7, FZ200, RX100, DP2 Merrill, EX2f, Galaxy Android camera, etc

We now conclude the Cameraholic Digest trilogy. In Episode #1, we covered Mirrorless Cameras. In Episode #2, we covered DSLRs et al. In this episode, we cover fixed lens digital cameras.

+ DP2 Merrill review at Luminous Landscape and Steve Huff Photo and ePhotoZine and preview at ThePhoBloGrapher
+ more reviews: Sigma cameras
+ DP2 Merrill shipping for $1000 at Adorama and B&H Photo

+ EX2f reviews and previews at Photography Blog and Tech.Radar and ePhotozine
+ EX2f real-world samples at
+ Galaxy Android superzoom camera first impressions at Quesabesde (computer-translated) and Crave UK and ePhotoZine and Trusted Reviews and CNet UK
+ Galaxy Android superzoom camera samples at LensTip (LEGO fans a big plus)
+ more reviews: Samsung cameras
+ EX2f is available for pre-order for $450 at B&H Photo

+ LX7 review at Trusted Reviews
+ FZ200 review at Trusted Reviews
+ FZ60/FZ62 review at Camera Labs
+ FZ60/FZ62 real-world samples and ISO-range at Photography Blog
+ both LX7 and FZ200 are in-stock at their regular prices

+ RX100 review at CNet UK and Focus Numerique (computer-translated) and dpreview (previously mentioned in impact review alert)
+ RX100 ISO-range color-chart studio test samples at Photography Review
+ RX100 accidental tear-down at PetaPiXeL
+ RX100 RAW conversion talk at Sound Image Plus
+ Cybershot TX66 review at Steve's Digicams
+ more reviews: Sony RX100 and Sony cameras
+ RX100 in-stock and shipping for $650 at multiple authorized dealers

+ Coolpix P310 reviews at NeoCamera and Digital Camera Head Quarters
+ ePhotozine hands-on with the new Coolpixies: P7700 (with RAW) and S800c Android camera and L610 AA-superzoom and Coolpix S6400 and Coopix S01c mini-me
+ Pocket Lint hands-on with new Coolpixies: P7700 (with RAW) and S800c Android and L610 & S6400 and S01c mini-me
+ Nikon official podcast discusses the new Coolpixes at Nikon USA
+ more Nikon reviews

+ Powershot SX500 IS real-world samples at ePhotozine
+ more Canon reviews

+ X100 opinion at (computer-translated)
+ X10 focusing issues for select cameras at Fuji dpreview forum (via Kim L.)
+ more Fuji reviews

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+ 2012 Trade Show Calendar
+ completed lens reviews
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