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September 30, 2012

Camera & Lens Review lists (completed) [updated]

We did it! I think. We have updated the review streams with most of the latest completed review action from the last few days.

Twelve new completed reviews of interesting/non-boring digital cameras have been added, including the Samsung EX2f, Sigma Merrills, Panasonic LX7, and the new Olympus E-Pen E-PL5. Check them out in Page #1 and Page #2.

Five new completed lens reviews have been added to the Lens Reviews stream, including the new Panasonic 35-100mm f2.8, Nikon 24-85, Sigma 30/2.8 DN, and Voigtlander 17/0.95.

We tried to stay as close to the relative timeline of the reviews as much as we could, but please keep in mind, this is not a history book :)

More Updates Coming
The catch-up-a-thon with the RSS feeds has been completed (woohoo!). This is the longest we have fallen behind in this blog's history, so it will take a boatload of new blog-posts before we are caught up with the timeline! We are trying to figure out how to best organize them and group them in order to make them readable and digestable. I doubt many people would be interested in going through one giant post with 900 links in it :)

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