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September 12, 2012

After the Announcement: Sony RX1, A99, NEX-6 (full-size samples: A99, NEX-6)

And now time to catch up with the new Sony cameras action, more specifically with new posts posted after we finalized last night's initial announcement round-up. This blog-post is now finalized! Enjoy!

One side-effect of today's Apple announcement is that it has overshadowed the Sony Big Bang from the headlines at the various technology and gadget blogs. Barring the Apple iPhone event, the new Sonys would have gotten a lot more attention among the techies/geeks/nerds/etc.

One more thing - if you find our never-ending updates useful/helpful/entertaining/tragically-unhip, then please make sure you make some of your pre-orders/purchases through our Amazon affiliate links. This is our main source of funding that keeps this blog alive!

Sony Presentation
+ in Iceland at Quesabesde (computer-translated)
+ many short video clips on YouTube from the event by Mobile01 Jim and Oscar201tw

Sony RX1
+ body parts shown at Engadget/Chinese
+ preview part #2 at Steve Huff Photo
+ body hands-on at Photography Blog
+ body hands-on at ePhotoZ1n3
+ body hands-on at The Pocket Lint
+ hands-on at CNet Asia
+ body hands-on at
+ available for pre-order for $2800 at Amazon
+ 3-minute sample video from Sony (YouTube embedded right below)

Sony NEX-6
+ real-world full-size JPEG samples with the 16-50mm PZ lens at Lens Tip and also at
+ pre-production ISO-range color charts (10-megapixels) at ePhotozine
+ hands-on at ePhotozine
+ body hands-on at Photography Blog
+ hands-on at CNet Asia
+ preview at Imaging Resource
+ first impressions at Digital Camera Info
+ available for pre-order at Amazon
+ hands-on videos on YouTube by Henry's Cameras and Engadget China and World Media Full and two photographers with the NEX-6 in Alaska at Sony Ireland
+ all aforementioned videos are YouTube-embedded below as well

Sony A99
+ real-world full-size samples at and Fotopolis
+ pre-production (10-megapixel) ISO-range color-chart samples at ePhotozine
+ hands-on at ePhotozine
+ hands-on with web-size samples at Tech Radar
+ body hands-on at Photography Blog
+ hands-on at Pocket Lint
+ available for pre-order for $2800 at Amazon
+ first look by The Camera Store TV (YouTube) followed by Henry's (YouTube) followed by Charles Michel on YouTube (French with Engrish subtitles) [via FI]. And if you are a fan of true user-generated content, here is a 4-minute specs overview by Eric Rossi and an anti-A99 rant by a happy A77 photographer by Robby Ticknor.
+ all aforementioned videos are YouTube-embedded below as well

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