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August 06, 2012

The IN (E-M5, RX100, D800, D4, T4i w/18-135) and OUT (1D X, D800e) Report

We just updated some of the in-play Stock Status pages and this is a summary of our findings (as of the time of writing). The camera name links below point to the stock status page of that particular camera. As usual, please note that your purchases through our affiliate links below is what keeps this unconventional bloggy mess running! If you find our never-ending coverage useful/helpful/interesting/tragically-unhip, then please consider considering making some of your purchases through our affiliated links!

+ Nikon D800: in-stock for $3000 at OneCall and Best Buy
+ Nikon D4: in-stock for $6000 at Amazon and OneCall and more
+ Sony RX100: $643 with coupon JRSUMMER ($5 off $75+, ends 8/31/12) at J&R World, $650~ elsewhere including Amazon and Sony Style and more
+ Canon D-Rebel T4i/650D with 18-135mm kit: in-stock for $1200 at Amazon and Adorama and B&H Photo
+ Olympus E-M5: various kits in-stock at regular prices at various retailers. Too many to list individually, see embedded E-M5 stock status module right below. (if buying from J&R World, use coupon JRSUMMER ($5 off $75+, expires 8/31/12).

+ Canon 1D X: was in-stock briefly during the weekend, but sold-out since then
+ Nikon D800e: the waiting-e continues-e

For lists of completed reviews of the aforementioned cameras, check the Camera Reviews mini-site. Of the above, the 1D X and T4i/650D have very few reviews, the rest, have plenty. I am still puzzled by the scarcity of T4i/650D reviews... (then again, I am often puzzled by equations of the "5x = 25" variety ;-)

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