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August 09, 2012

Reactions to the Nikon J2 announcement (spoiler alert: not greeted as a liberator)

The Nikon J2 headlined last night's new Nikon gear announcements, but did it make any headlines and if yes, were the headlines what they were hoping for?

The short answer is yes and no. I think these two announcement-opinions at Pixiq and Sans Miroir summarize a lot of the reactions out there.

But if you want more, we have more for you! Put on your forum shield, grab your troll bait bucket, and head on to the dpreview Nikon CX forums. One point I absolutely agree with is that the orange color is just adorable! It fills me with Vitamin C just by looking at it! On a more serious note, another thread expresses disappointment in the Nikon mirrorless direction.

The two new Nikon cameras have been added to the Cameras of 2012 page, bringing the total to 177 new digital cameras from the major camera manufacturers. Of those 177, 24 were of the interchangeable-something variety, 12 mirrorless, 10 DSLRs-with-mirror, 1 rangefinder, and 1 Ricoh GXR creature. On the fixed lens front, superzooms continue to dominate, with 61 out of the 153 fixed lens cameras having a zoom ratio of 10x or more (around 40%).

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