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August 22, 2012

Pentax answers perhaps death of their P&S cameras with new SLR-styled X-5 typical 26x superzoom

The talk was that Pentax would eject from the fixed lens digital camera market and any remaining fixed lens cameras would fall under the Ricoh brand. That may or may not be the plan in the future, but for now, Pentax has answered the question with a brand new Pentax-branded superzoom digital camera, the X-5, with SLR-style design and typical superzoom specifications.

The X-5 has a 16mp 1/2.x" backlit CMOS sensor and accompanying 1080p video and up to 10fps burst mode, a 26x superzoom lens (roughly 22-530mm equivalent with sensor-shift stabilization), 3-inch tilting (up/down) LCD (460 kilodots) and EVF, SDXC, etc, etc. AA-rechargeable fans will be thrilled again as this new superzoom takes four AA batteries, just like last night's Olympus SP-820uz.

Despite the SLR-styling, this is a mid-range superzoom as it has no RAW and no hot-shoe.

Press release parade at Photography Blog and DC Resource and dpnow and ephotozine and dpreview and Yvon's Pentax blog et al.

The X-5 superzoom is available for pre-order for $280 in black or silver at B&H Photo.

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