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August 11, 2012

Opinion Soup: state of industry, Elinchrom, NEX-7 switch, workshop scams, faking it, etc

DJ Noisy here with a new Op1n1on R3m1x! For previous remixes, check the Opinions back catalog. As always, reasonable minds can differ, but YOU are always right :)

+ when you need an Elinchrom Ranger RX at Visual Science Lab
+ DCI staff members opine on the Nikon mirrorless system after the J2 announcement
+ Circles of confusion at Valentin Sama (computer-translated)
+ on lens sharpness complaints at Visual Science Lab

Gear - Existential Crossroads
+ the strange saga of the Sony NEX-7 at Visual Science Lab and follow-up and more
+ on the state of the camera industry at Ming Thein
+ on the state of mirrorless at Quesabesde (computer-translated)
+ my photographic future by Bill Beebe part #1 and part #2 and in defense of Kirk Tuck (see NEX-7 post above)
+ why I still shoot film at FStoppers
+ five reasons to grab a film camera at Photodoto
+ 10 hottest cameras speculated for Photokina 2012 at Quesabesde (computer-translated)

+ on workshops, scams, manners and foolish ideas at Lighting Essentials

Creativity, Inspiration, Etc
+ Faking It at Pixelated Image
+ rank your influences at John Paul Caponigro
+ what I learned from Terry Richardson's Tumblr by Anne Fischer at Thru the LQQking Glass
+ dynamic patience at Luminous Landscape
+ my first real camera at Lightning Essentials
+ seven things I learned about shooting street photography in color at Erik Kim

Conversations with Photographers
+ Jim Estrin of NY Lens Blog at Burn Magazine (via APE)

Business & Professional
+ do you have the right person selling your photography? at Digital Pro Talk
+ what it means to be a professional at Ming Thein
+ professional photographer Craiglist rant in the former of a Craiglist ad at FStoppers
+ do you have to move to New York to succeed answers Patti Smith at PDN Pulse

+ August 29: Chase Jarvis Live panel on what you must know about your creative rights featuring Larry Lessig and the ASMP Experience

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