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August 26, 2012

Opinion Soup: mirrorless, full frame legacy, prime myths, missing compacts, controversies, etc

Sometimes opinions are like onions, you can fry them, but they still make you cry! [meditate on that statement, there's deep sh1t there!]. A new Opinion Soup is here and covers roughly the last two weeks. All previous editions are waiting for you in the Opinion Soup archives. This is a super-jam-packed edition, fill up the tea pot and the coffee machine too!

Camera Gear
+ the full frame DSLR legacy compromise explained at Four Thirds User
+ emerging technology for mirrorless and DSLRs at PentaxForums blog
+ the missing compacts by Qlakk
+ mirrorless, the minivan of cameras at Sans Mirror
+ Roger Cicala meditates on mirrorless cameras in Part #1 and Part #2
+ more on the state of digital cameras at Sound Image Plus
+ photographic myths and platitudes: primes make you a better photographer by G.Dan Mitchell
+ my photographic future, Part #3: Nikon and the Final part at Blog Beebe
+ why back to dSLRs at Sound Image Plus
+ the walkabout camera at The Online Darkroom
+ conflict minerals among camera manufacturers rounded up at PetaPixel
+ are you type A or B when it comes to tripods at Rick Sammon
+ making the case for live view at The Digital Storry
+ the Leica M-Monochrome is already outdated, therefore it cannot be obsolete at Steve Huff
+ overpriced gear I cannot live without at Foto-Biz

Business, Legal, and Professional
+ Reality Check: Professional Photography is going away at Black Star Rising
+ should photographers use the FBI anti-piracy seal at PDN Pulse
+ freelancers need to be more than a photographer at Photopreneur
+ criminalizing photography at NY Times Lens Blog (via PP)
+ Craiglist scammers targeting wedding photographers at Peta Pixel
+ on copyright at Canon Blogger and Ming Thein

Creativity, Inspirational, Etc
+ the changing face of photography at Juxt (via APE)
+ photographing people part #2 and part #3 at The Strobist
+ man's best friend at Steve Huff Photo
+ five reasons to keep MF and LF film alive at The Pho Blo Grapher
+ the big camera at Lightning Essentials
+ self-critique at Ming Thein
+ photographing icons or not at G. Dan Mitchell
+ the importance of decisive moments at Shutterfinger

DIY and .edu
+ building a bluetooth GPS unit for Nikon cameras at DIY Photography (via PP)
+ make a dashboard camera mount using a peanut sponge (!) by Ben Gill (YouTube) (via DIYP)
+ long lens techniques and tips at Ming Thein
+ twenty pro tips for photographers on google plus at Thomas Hawk
+ workshops vs photo tours at Rick Salmon
+ speedlites vs strobes at Improve Photography
+ seven lighting tips when shooting video with DSLRs at PDN Online
+ how to measure temporal noise with light at Harvest Imaging (via ISW blog)

+ Lightning Essentials takes great offense to article by Gary Fong Can you trust your photographer ( has multiple pop-up ads) [Tupperware not included!]
+ controversy on the EOS-M mirrorless system designed for women comment by Canon in DC Watch Interview rounded up at Imaging Resource
+ controversy over Victims of Beauty series rounded up at F/Stoppers
+ photograph taken from blog causes copyright problems at eCopyrightZine

+ complications when photographers shoot photographers at Scott Wyden
+ are you using the right SD card at Pocket Lint

In General
+ on Javascript Video at
+ How Hollywood is encouraging piracy by David Pogue at Scientific American (via PCN)
+ Hey AT&T, I'll just use Skype at Terry L. White
+ on selling on eBay at Yvon's blog
+ are museums destroying art at Luminous Landscape
+ which USA do you work in at Blog Maverick
+ your passwords need changing at Arse Technica (via Kim L)
+ the future of technology for creatives, 90-minute Google Hangout with Chase Jarvis and Robert Scoble, also embedded below...

A Day At The Improv
+ the rise of the Fauxtographer at PixiQue
+ quest for the perfect M43rds zoom lens at Lens Rentals
+ Eggelston's secret to photographing strangers at Thomas Hawk
+ how to love a camera at TOP
+ CSI photo enhancements via Peta Pixel
+ 47-second "infomercial" on the benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer by SwitzerWorld (YouTube) (via PDN Pulse) - also embedded right below...

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