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August 04, 2012

Opinion Soup: Industry Insights, D800, ugly truths, choices, portfolio hangout, true fans, google calc, etc

If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Opinionated Press ;-) If you missed previous episodes, they are waiting for you in the Opinion Soup archives.

+ Industry Insights, from Past to Future at Luminous Landscape
+ the ugly truth behind our beautiful cameras at Pixiq
+ my 2 cents on the best recent compact cameras at Qlakk
+ would you buy a Sony RX100 but with a 50mm (eq) f1.2 prime lens instead of a zoom - discussion at Serious Compacts
+ anatomy of a Nikon D800 repair fix at Mansurovs
+ tales of customer service and "professional" support at Ming Thein
+ are today's cameras really better at Black Star
+ giving the old stuff time to deliver at Visual Science Lab
+ too many choices lead you to buy the wrong camera? at Imaging Resource
+ on losing two favorite DSLRs (E-3 and E-1) at Blog Beebe

Gear (New Voices)
+ this new experimental segment features opinions written by newcomers (not regular bloggers/reviewers/pundits/etc)
+ Why I bought the Olympus E-M5 over the Nikon D7000 at Mad Over Tech

DIY, .edu, etc
+ how to calculate crop factor, f-stops and equivalent lenses in Google at Serious Compacts (technical: formulae)
+ DIY remote controlled table dolly via DIY Photography
+ make a DSLR raincover with a ziplock bag at Purple Summit (via PP)

+ how to build a competitive photographers portfolio, 97-minute Google Hangout + text at The Photigy
+ Ctein does not have 1000 True Fans by Ctein at TOP

Creativity, Inspiration, Etc
+ aspect ratios and compositional theory at Ming Thein
+ is trust in photography declining at Four and Six (via APE)
+ time for a change - a decision at Sound Image Plus
+ how I learned to stop worrying about the sensor and learned to love the camera by Craig Litten @ Steve Huff Post
+ ten tips for traveling and shooting street photography at Erik Kim
+ why personal style is important at Luminous Landscape

Photo Sharing
+ flickr is the hidden social network Yahoo doesn't even know it has at Thomas Hawke
+ suggestions on how to improve flickr by all staff members at ThePhoblographer

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