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August 22, 2012

Nikon Morning After: hands-on with S800c and S01 (mini-me) [and full-size samples]

After a new camera announcement burst that brought us a dozen new digital cameras [see Cameras of 2012 list], it is time to catch-up with last night's Nikons.

Engadget had a chance to touch two of them, and they produced text + video hands-on reports for the Coolpix S800c Android (4:24 min video) and the Coolpix S01 (which I started calling mini-me; not an official name) [3:20 min video]. You get a better feel of the smallness of the S01. With cameraphones growing near-movie-theater-size screens, it is a fun thing to see a camera so small and with a zoom lens which still eludes cameraphones :)

On the Coolpix P7700 front, Imaging Resource has updated their preview with more action. [NEW!]

Meanwhile, Nikon Imaging has posted full-size JPEG samples and movies taken with the new cameras. Pixel-peeping awaits you for the Coolpix P7700 and the Coolpix S800c Android and the Coolpix S01 (mini-me) and the Coolpix S6400.

It is interesting to notice how the sample picture subjects change and shift to more closely match the perceived-by-Nikon-marketing target audiences of the cameras. Needless to say, samples posted by the manufacturers themselves are technical marketing, not independent reviews.

One nitpick on the new Coolpix S800c Android camera is that Nikon had a major fail on the camera name. You see, I have been adding the Android after its name. Not Nikon. Looking at the name "Coolpix S800c", you think, "just another P&S Coolpix". People who follow the Coolpixies closer will think "c for connected (wifi)". But there's no hint of Android which is the main attraction of the camera and its existential raisin.

An Android camera deserves a smartphone name! Like Coolpix Rage, or Coolpix Tranquil, or Coolpix Vigor, or Coolpix Epic Touch Wifi GPS, or Coolpix Nexus S800c...

Speculation Only!
Joking aside, the last one could be an interesting development if it were to happen! Google has already co-operated with various smartphone and tablet manufacturers for Nexus-branded/Google-blessed products. We know the Google founders love their photography. So, [PURE SPECULATION], how about an actual Google-blessed Android digital camera in co-operation with a camera manufacturer? One that would for seriously have a Google Nexus name!

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