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August 10, 2012

Newsbytes: Samsung T-primes, RED Dragon fire, Panasonic X-Ray SD, etc

A number of newsy items have filled up the buffers, time to empty the buffers with a new edition of the Newsbytes!

+ Samyang announces Cinema T-versions of their 14mm, 21mm and 35mm primes via dpreview and LMdlP et al

+ RED CEO hypes and forumizes 6K Dragon sensor available as a $6K upgrade for EPIC users at RED User forums (via Engadget)

+ Panasonic planning SDXC/SDHC memory cards that can survive X-Rays (in addition to the elements) via Engadget

+ Sigma stabilized macros having problems with full frame Canon DSLRs? at Lens Rentals

+ Canon Mirrorless team interviewed at DC Watch Impress (computer-translated) [summarized in English at Northlight Images]

+ Nikon will have the premier booth at Photokina via ephotozine

+ R&D: Vienna Technical University researchers are using a regular imaging sensor to detect radiation via Image Sensors World

+ Microsoft updates Windows 7 and Vista codec, adding support for more and newer cameras - via Enticing the Light

+ at least 70 journalists killed on the job in 2012 via PDN Pulse (quick comment: so can we please stop calling journalists those who sit in front of the camera in a studio and read from a teleprompter while the studio lights melt their five layers of make-up?)

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