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August 29, 2012

New Sony POV action cameras (AS15 and AS10) and accessories

The point-of-view/action-cameras are now occupying the hype-gap left by the demise of the camcorder sticks. The camcorder sticks got squeezed by the dropping prices of digital cameras, the increasing size and video/photographic capabilities of the smartphones, and that was the end of them for the most part (some manufacturer continue but it will be interesting to see how many of them announce new camcorder sticks at CES 2013).

However, the point-of-view action-cameras, at least at the moment, are not at risk from either digital cameras or smartphones, so more manufacturers are seeing this as an opportunity to expand in this niche.

Today's Sony announcement features two cameras, the AS15 and AS10 ($270 and $200 respectively) along with various mounts (head, handlebar, suction cup, adhesive) and waterproof case. You can see the specs, features and place pre-orders too through the Amazon product listings.

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