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August 22, 2012

New Olympus TG-625 and VH-515 (FAIL, FAIL, FAIL: SP-720uz announced for the 2nd time)

Please call Dr. Drew! It is time for a major intervention! Our beloved camera manufacturers continue to overdose on fertility drugs! In addition to last night's Olympus SP-820uz AA-superzoom and VH-410, the Big O has announced three more new digital cameras, a compact-zoom, a waterproof, and a basic P&S. Which sounds like the start of a new camera joke, "A compact-zoom, a waterproof and a basic P&S walk into a bar...". ;-)

Olympus SP-720uz Announced for the 2nd Time
The Olympus SP-720uz is included in today's Olympus new digital cameras press release. It is a 16mp 1/2.x" CMOS 26x-superzoom. Except, IT'S NOT A NEW CAMERA! This camera was announced in January 2012 at PMA/CES 2012. Another side-effect of the flood-the-market strategy, even the camera manufacturers and their assorted public relations and marketing people can't keep track of them!

Olympus Tough TG-625 waterproof
A new Tough camera has entered the fray, it is the new Tough TG-625 with an AF light (illuminator) according to Engadget. It has sensor-shift stabilization, 12mp 1/2.x" CMOS sensor and iHS technology and 1080p video (they go hand in hand in hand), 5x optical zoom starting at 28mm equivalent, 3-inch LCD (460 kilodots), etc, etc.

Olympus VH-515 8x P&S
On the basic P&S front, Olympus has announced the new 8x VH-515, which sounds even more like VHS, which of course conjures up images of cutting edge technology :)

Details at dpreview et al.

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