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August 08, 2012

New Mirrorless Camera announcement: Nikon J2 (with official samples)

Nikon has now revealed their third-camera in their CX mirrorless camera system with its 1 inch sensor. It is the new J2, in the more entry-level of the two CX system branches! The camera will be bundled with the 10-30mm zoom lens with a starting price of $550 and a September 2012 release estimate.

Nikon has also announced the WP-N1 underwater housing that works with the J2 and the J1 as well. It is expected to come out in September with a starting price of $750 (see Adorama).

Press release parade at dpreview and Imaging Resource and dc resource and DC Watch Impress and Photography Review and Nikon itself et al.

Nikon Japan has published five sample JPEGs which perhaps reveal some of the target audiences of the camera.

The J2 with the 10-30mm lens is available for pre-order for $550 in six (!) color options (orange, red, black, pink, white, silver) at Adorama and Amazon. It is also available for pre-order in a two-lens kit (10-30, 30-110; just like the inaugural models) for $800.

As a refresher, these are the most recent Nikon DSLR/iLC announcements:

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