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August 29, 2012

New Canon Cinema C100 and official C500 announcement and new lenses

Canon announced back in April 2012 that they were developing a flagship Cinema C500 digital video camera and today they have officially announced it as a product.

Coming along with the C500 is a brand new "entry-level" Cinema digital video camera, the C100. This gives Canon three C-Cinema cameras (with the C300 announced in November 2011). These, along with the 1D C DSLR give Canon a busy video-EF line-up.

It is interesting to note that the Cinema C100 is only available in the EF mount, while the C500 is available in your choice of EF or PL. The C500 is a 4K video camera, while the C100 is a 2K video camera with a Super35 CMOS sensor. There is also a big price difference between the two, the C500 will start at $30,000 while the C100 will start at $8,000.

Canon Cinema C100
+ DSLR News Shooter which compares and contrasts to C300
+ opinion and details by Vincent Laforet
+ opinion and details by Philip Bloom
+ opinion and details at EOS.HD
+ dpreview
+ Cinema 5D
+ Canon USA (includes specs)
+ detailed specs at B&H Photo with a late 2012 release estimate
+ discussion at Personal View

Canon Cinema C500
+ dpreview
+ Focus Numerique
+ detailed specs in PDF file (top right corner link) at Canon Europe
+ detailed specs at B&H Photo for EF-mount and PL-mount

New Cinema Lenses
Canon has also announced two new L-video lenses, the CN-E 15.5-47mm T2.8 and the CN-E 30-105mm T2.8. Each lens goes for $25,000. Press release parade at Cinescopophilia (with detailed specs table) and Photography Blog et al

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