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August 05, 2012

Mobile Noise: Nokia PureView 808, cameraphone Olympics, etc

And now we finally find some time to round up some of the many happenings from the world of mobile photography. Please note this is intended as a sampling, not comprehensive coverage of everything about everything - we need the power to stop time in order to do that :)

Nokia PureView 808 41-megapixel mania
+ PureView 808 tear down at Chipworks reveals Toshiba imaging sensor (via Cinescopo)
+ PureView 808 in the Studio at Falk Lumo
+ PureView 808 vs iPhone 4S at EOS-HD
+ PureView 800 reviews at ephotozine and Quesabesde and DP Writer and Pocket Lint
+ dpreview reviewed the PureView and Nokia responded publicly to the review (previously mentioned in impact review alert)
+ the PureView 808 is currently shipping unlocked in the US market for around $650~ at Amazon

Other Smartphone-Cameras
+ HTC One X review at ephotozine
+ Samsung Galaxy S III camera supply chain via Image Sensors World
+ Samsung Galaxy S III at Quesabesde and Photofocus
+ Sony Xperia U at Quesabesde
+ contract specials on the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III at Amazon Wireless
+ unlocked 16GB iPhone 4S at Virgin Mobile for $650 with $30/mo contract-free plans with autopay

Mobile Photography
+ Dan Chung covers the Olympics for Le Guardian using smartphones as cameras (via dpreview)
+ controversy: banned from Instagram for topless photo via Pop Photeaux
+ Instagram photos makes Sports Illustrated via Peta Pixel

Photography Apps
+ Tiffen Photo fx review (iPhone) at iThePhoBlographer along with video review of FX5 Ultra for Le iPad
+ could Photoshop work on the iPad IF... at iF/Stoppers
+ Autodesk buys SocialCam for $60 million via PMA News Line

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