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August 2012 (104 posts)

August 30: Labor Day Weekend Digital Camera Specials (2012 edition)
August 30: Camera & Lens review streams updated
August 30: Newsbytes: Pentax discounts, Canon .eu warranties, Wikipedia mega-contest, GIMP native Mac, K30 ebook, etc
August 30: New Zeiss 25mm T2.1 prime and 28-90mm T2.9 zoom Cinema lenses
August 29: Recap of today's new cameras: Sony NEX-5R, action cams, Samsung Android, Canon Cinema C500, C100, two lenses
August 29: New Sony NEX-5R with 16mp sensor, Wifi, updates and upgrades
August 29: New Sony POV action cameras (AS15 and AS10) and accessories
August 29: New Canon Cinema C100 and official C500 announcement and new lenses
August 29: New Android digital camera from Samsung with 21x zoom, Jelly Bean, giant touch-screen, Wifi
August 28: Deal alert: Adobe Lightroom 4 Student & Teacher for $33 [updated]
August 28: Camera & Lens review streams updated
August 28: Newsbytes: new Profoto, Omnivision, 600x SDXC, PocketWiz 5DMk3, etc
August 28: Impact review: Sony RX100 at dpreview
August 28: In-stock again: Canon 1D X for $6800
August 27: Deal Digest: E-M5 with up to 3 lenses, Pentax Q kit $350, Nikon V1 kit $600, free app, etc
August 27: Cameraholic Digest: RX100, E-M5, LX7, K30, 1Dx, G1x, T4i, NX, etc
August 27: Newsbytes: new Adobe LR/ACR RC, GIMP mag launches, D4 by Nikon, etc
August 27: Camera & Lens review streams updated
August 27: Pentax Q with standard prime for $350 (black or white) [limited time]
August 27: Epic Olympus E-M5 deal (USA shoppers): $150 VISA gift card via MIR with each M43/43 lens purchased together (up to 3 lenses)
August 26: Opinion Soup: mirrorless, full frame legacy, prime myths, missing compacts, controversies, etc
August 26: Camera Geek Interview: Imatest founder talks to The Mansurovs
August 26: Engadget gets roasted by own fans for P&S-style review of the Canon 1D X
August 26: Pentax and Ricoh cameras listed side by side at the Pentax Web Store
August 24: In-stock now: Panasonic FZ200 superzoom for $600
August 24: Android fans, do you want to see a Google Nexus DSLR or mirrorless or serious compact?
August 23: (ENDED) Students & Teachers only: CS6 Design & Web Premium for $270 (limited time)
August 23: Leakage: Fuji X-E1 mirrorless camera revealed via press release photos
August 23: (ENDED) IncrediBooth: the premium FREE app of the week (iTunes)
August 23: Kodak selling its imaging, film and print business [updated]
August 22: Camera & Lens review pages updated
August 22: Curiosity factor: Why the FTC allowed the Facebook - Instagram purchase
August 22: Nikon Morning After: hands-on with S800c and S01 (mini-me) [and full-size samples]
August 22: Fuji shows 85-300mm T2.9 Super 35 Cine lens w/servo zoom at BIRTV 2012
August 22: Panasonic LX7 in-stock now for $500 (black or white)
August 22: Pentax answers perhaps death of their P&S cameras with new SLR-styled X-5 typical 26x superzoom
August 22: New Olympus TG-625 and VH-515 (FAIL, FAIL, FAIL: SP-720uz announced for the 2nd time)
August 21: New Nikon Coolpix P7700 w/28-200mm f2.0-4.0 compact with RAW
August 21: Android digital camera arrives: the new Nikon Coolpix S800c
August 21: New Nikon Coolpix S6400 and S01 mini-me
August 21: New Olympus SP-820uz iHS 40x superzoom camera (and new VH-410 P&S)
August 21: Cameraholic Digest: LX7, FZ62, NX210, F3, T4i, D3200, M-Monochromie, etc
August 21: New Archival storage option? Amazon Glacier offers 1c per GB per month
August 21: New Canon SX500 IS and SX160 IS superzooms with 16mp 1/2.3" CCD sensor
August 21: New (under the radar) camera: Samsung DV100/DV101
August 21: New Casio EX-JE10 fashionable P&S camera w/ever-ready case
August 20: Camera & Lens Review pages updated
August 20: Newsbytes: new Fuji lens factory in Philippines, 80m EFs, etc
August 20: Self-Serving Myth-Information, KR-style
August 20: Impact review: Canon D-Rebel T4i/650D at dpreview
August 20: New Sensors: 12mp 1/1.7" backlit Sony IMX144CQJ w/4K video
August 20: New Sensors: three new Sony Exmor RS stacked imaging sensors (for mobile)
August 20: (ENDED) Starts at 9am ET: Olympus Compact System camera special
August 19: Nikon D800 in-stock for $3000 with free 16GB SDHC and $200 Training Credit
August 19: Panasonic LX7 vs Sony RX100 at DSLR Magazine
August 19: Zacuto Great Camera Shootout Episode III (2012 edition) is now posted
August 19: Olympus interview: we are working on a camera to fully utilize the E-System SLR lenses
August 19: New Sony NEX-EA50UH camcorder with APS-C sensor and NEX mount
August 17: (ENDED) Daily Deal: Panasonic GF3 w/pancake, Fuji F770-EXR, etc
August 16: Blog Change: new Reference page links added to Blog Header
August 16: Cameraholic Digest: E-M5 vs D7000, LX7, K30, NX, NEX-F3, RX100, 1Dx, travelzooms, etc
August 16: In-stock alert: Canon 1D X for $6800 [updated]
August 16: Curiosity factor: Samsung Galaxy Note 10-inch tablet with S-Pen (Wacom) digitizer and Photoshop Touch
August 15: Camera & Lens review streams updated
August 15: Newsbytes: Getty Images sells for $3.3 billion, GiMP 2.8, R&D 100k dpi printing, etc
August 15: Deal alert: Canon D-Rebel T3i w/18-55 & 55-250 for $750
August 15: (DEAD) Daily Deal: red Sony NEX-C3 w/18-55 for $400
August 14: Impact review: Panasonic LX7 at DC Resource
August 14: ePhotozine hosts Nikon D800s civil war
August 14: Everybody reviews Samsung NX cameras today
August 14: Canon D-Rebel T4i official recall issued (serial number checker included)
August 14: Canon EOS-m and Panasonic LX7 and FZ200 stock status pages launched
August 14: Canon 5DMk3 vs Nikon D800 duel in Camera Labs Nikon D800 review
August 13: 99c iTunes super-app: AppZilla 3 includes 17 camera/photo related apps
August 13: Shopping Digest: E-PM1 w/14-42 refurb for $290, 12-35 f2.8 in-stock, etc
August 13: Curiosity factor: Panasonic LX7 review at Photography Blog
August 13: Lens reviews mini site updated with even more [updated]
August 12: Cameraholic Digest: LX7 vs RX100, E-M5 vs NX20, E-M5 w/200mm vintage, waterproofs, etc
August 12: New Top Selling Cameras snapshot posted
August 11: Opinion Soup: state of industry, Elinchrom, NEX-7 switch, workshop scams, faking it, etc
August 11: Weekly Rewind: Nikon J2, 11-27, L610, new lenses, etc
August 10: Newsbytes: Samsung T-primes, RED Dragon fire, Panasonic X-Ray SD, etc
August 9: Cameraholic Digest: RX100, K30, G5, GF5, 1D X, T4i, FZ200, LX7, etc
August 9: Reactions to the Nikon J2 announcement (spoiler alert: not greeted as a liberator)
August 9: Panasonic LX7 ISO comparison vs Sony RX100, Canon G1x, Oly XZ1, Sam EX1
August 8: New Mirrorless Camera announcement: Nikon J2 (with official samples)
August 8: New Lens Announcement: Nikon 11-27mm f3.5-5.6 CX lens
August 8: New Camera Announcement: Nikon Coolpix L610 AA-superzoom
August 8: Newsbytes: Tokina 300/6.3 (m43rds), Rollei 36x superzoom, X-Pro1 iPad app, new Canon M-printers, etc
August 8: Camera and Lens review sites updated
August 8: Canon 7D uber-firmware arrives, gets mildly tested [updated w/speculation]
August 8: (EXPIRED) 1 year of Shutterbug magazine by mail for $10 [max 4yrs]
August 7: (SOLD OUT) Daily Deal: Orange Panasonic TS20 waterproof for $99
August 6: (ENDED) Free on iTunes: 360 Panorama (get it before Thursday)
August 6: Camera Reviews mini-site updated with today's reviews
August 6: Curiosity factor: Canon D-Rebel T4i at Camera Labs
August 6: The IN (E-M5, RX100, D800, D4, T4i w/18-135) and OUT (1D X, D800e) Report
August 5: Mobile Noise: Nokia PureView 808, cameraphone Olympics, etc
August 4: Opinion Soup: Industry Insights, D800, ugly truths, choices, portfolio hangout, true fans, google calc, etc
August 4: Cameraholic Digest: D4, 5DMk3, NEX-7, RX100, NX20 Wifi, titled element dangers, etc
August 4: Newsbytes: Samyang 8/2.8 fishyeye for Fuji XF, Phottix 5DMk3 grip, GoPro IPO, etc
August 4: Detailed Canon interview at CPN on the EOS system
August 2: Cameraholic Digest: G5, NX20, K30, D3, Pana 12-35/2.8, Nokia responds, Canon AF, etc
August 1: Nikon D600 appears in Italian dealer ad


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