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August 27, 2012

Epic Olympus E-M5 deal (USA shoppers): $150 VISA gift card via MIR with each M43/43 lens purchased together (up to 3 lenses)

Attention Olympus E-M5 shoppers who also want to buy Olympus Micro Four Thirds or Four Thirds lenses! There is a hot new Olympus E-M5 and lenses promotion at Amazon. Buy one of the Olympus E-M5 kits together (in the same shopping cart transaction) with up to three qualifying Olympus Micro Four Thirds or Four Thirds lenses, and get a $150 VISA prepaid gift card via mail-in rebate for each lens. Maximum three lenses ($450 back via MIR in prepaid VISA gift cards) for this promotion.

These are the qualifying E-M5 kits and these are the qualifying Olympus M43rds/43rds.

Other tidbits on this promotion:
+ only brand new items sold and shipped by Amazon itself are eligible (items sold by third-parties, marketplace, used, open-box, refurbished, etc are NOT eligible)
+ the promotion is valid between August 9 and September 1st, 2012
+ this is a mail-in rebate promotion. You must submit a rebate in order to receive the $150 prepaid VISA gift cards. This is not an automatic discount
+ you must include the original UPC codes for the mail-in rebate
+ rebate submission must be postmarked by September 15, 2012, just as quarterly taxes are due ;-)
+ the gift cards will be sent 8-10 weeks after submission
+ US customers only at (Olympus USA has a separate promotion for Canadian customers which ironically get paid with US dollars checks while US customers get VISA plastic money)
+ be sure to read the details at the Amazon promotional page and the PDF rebate form linked to through the aforelinked page

This is definitely a big power play for Olympus, $encouraging$ people to make a bigger commitment to M43rds and also bringing along Four Thirds lenses which are feeling a little left out these days. For a refresher on the camera, check the long list of completed E-M5 reviews.

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