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August 08, 2012

(EXPIRED) 1 year of Shutterbug magazine by mail for $10 [max 4yrs]

This 24-hour special. Stay tuned for another photography magazine special on Tuesday August 14, 2012.

If you are a fan of printed photography magazines delivered by mail and live in the USA, daily deals website has a discount special: you can get a one-year subscription of Shutterbug for $10 per year when you enter coupon code NOISYCAMERAS or 1001NOISYCAMERAS in the second step of the Tanga Checkout process. The price before the coupon is $18 per year. After you enter the coupon, the price drops to $10 per year. If the price doesn't drop after you enter the coupon, it means there is something wrong, do not proceed!
+ you can subscribe for up to FOUR (4) years at the $10-per-year rate
+ this promotion ends on THURSDAY at 10am Eastern time
+ this is a glossy printed magazine delivered to your door by mail
+ this is not a digital subscription
+ this promotion is good for USA shoppers only
+ this is not an auto-renewing subscription - it will renew only if you renew it yourself
+ the offer is good for new subscribers
+ the offer is good for existing subscribers (renewals) HOWEVER...
+ ... publishers have a limit on the maximum number of years one can be subscribed to a magazine going forward. Typically this is five years, but it may vary. Keep that in mind if you are already in a multi-year subscription
+ for renewals to go smoothly, make sure your name and address exactly matches the name and address on your existing subscription! The computers may think Jimmy and Jim and Jimm and Jimmey and Jimbo and Jimi are different people ;-)

IF you have any favorite printed photography magazines you would like to see some deals on, please let us know using the online contact form or leave a comment below or let us know on The Twitter.

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