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August 16, 2012

Curiosity factor: Samsung Galaxy Note 10-inch tablet with S-Pen (Wacom) digitizer and Photoshop Touch

The 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Note tablet with its much talked about S-Pen is finally arriving to the US market, and to celebrate the arrival, a number of reviews have been published at various technology and gadget blogs. Of interest to the digital creatives is the combination of the Wacom-powered S-Pen and the Adobe Photoshop Touch app that comes bundled with the tablet.

While the reviews are general and not photography-centric, they all touch upon (no pun intended) the S-Pen and Photoshop Touch interaction since it is one of existential raisins (rough translation of the popular phrase raison d^etre) of this tablet-creature.

Check the review party at Engadget (Volpe) and The Verge (Patel) and AOL Tech Crunch Gear (Velazco) and Wired (Olivarez-Giles) and Android Community and Slash Gear and Gizmodo (Rose) and CNN (McCracken) and Mashable and PC Magazine and Info World. You can also read Apple's unofficial response (sarcasm alert!)

For the boldly-going early-adopter types, the 10.1" Samsung Galaxy Note is now in-stock and shipping for $500 for the 16GB version in either Deep Grey or White color scheme. The 32GB version is in-stock for $550 in Deep Grey. All at Amazon by Amazon itself.

A short hands-on with the S-Pen and Photoshop Touch can be found in the aformentioned Slash Gear review. We YouTube-embedded the start of the Photoshop Touch part right below...

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