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July 30, 2012

Write essays, stories, or memoirs about photography? Kindle Singles are open to everyone now

Do you like to write essays, memoirs, or long form stand-alone stories about photography? Amazon has opened up its Kindle Singles publishing platform to all authors, new and old! This (long-form writing about photography) is not a very crowded field, so if you have the writing skills, the time, the energy, the inspiration, and the stories to tell, this might be a potentially good opportunity [speculation!]. It's relatively easy to write a seven-paragraph formulaic blog-post, but writing a 5K-30K word essay/story/etc is no easy task.

Kindle Singles are expected to be between 5K and 30K words. The author gets 70% in royalties for Singles priced between 99c and $4.99. Check the Kindle Singles Submissions Policy.

Discussion at Indie Book Spot and Teleread and Good Reader and/via eBook Ninjas (podcast). Examples of how many $sales$ some of the top-selling Singles authors have made were posted at Paid Content in March 2012.

PS: Speaking of Kindles, if you are a fan of the e-Ink Kindle e-readers, this blog is available as a Kindle Blog subscription for 99c per month, after a free 2-week trial. If you start the free trial, remind yourself to cancel it before the 14-day period expires - it automatically converts to a paying subscription. With a web browser, you can easily do this through this easy to remember url, ("Manage Your Kindle" or "MY Kindle", whichever is easier for you to remember). Look for the "Subscription Settings" section in the left sidebar, under "Your Kindle Account". Please also note that this blog is often full of outgoing links and out of respect to other people's intellectual property we do not cut-and-paste review conclusions or portions of their articles or blog-posts, so if you are not going to have internet access, reading the blog subscription through the Kindle e-reader may be frustrating - depending on your situation.

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