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July 25, 2012

Thom Hogan issues a Not-Recommended on the Nikon D800

Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan has issued a Not-Recommended alert on the Nikon D800. Previously, his review of the D800 had a recommended rating. Why the change? Increasing concern over the autofocus issue that has been discussed in the photo-blogo-forum-sphere. Look for his commentary on this issue under July-23-2012 in the "Unintended Consequences" section (still no permalinks!) with follow-up right above it under the "One More Thing" section at the Thom Hogan website (if reading at a later date, these will move from the ByThom front page to the ByThom 2012 archive pages).

For more opinions on the camera, check its list of completed reviews (18 as of the time of writing). For availability updates, check the Nikon D800 stock status page (in-stock for $3000 as of the time of writing).

Reactions to the D800 Rating Change
+ Flickr Nikon D800 Users Group
+ Nikonians D800 forum (free to read)
+ Nikon forum
+ Fred Miranda Nikon forum
+ Planet Nikon forum
+ Nikonites D800 forum
+ Amateur Photographer UK Nikon forum
+ Canadian Photographer Nikon forum
+ this is probably discussed at the Nikon Cafe but registration/membership is required before you can read the D800 sub-forum
+ dpreview Nikon full frame forum - full thread
+ dpreview Nikon full frame forum - quite possibly the first time a forum user has challenged a reviewer to a ...duel???
+ multiple threads talking D800-AF-issue in the dpreview Nikon full frame forum and the Nikonians D800 forum
+ Photography on the Net forum (Canon users) appropriately started by ...DarthVader
+ I think I posted enough forum discussions. If any of you have read them all and need more, please let me know :)

On the "left focus problem", if you recall recalling, Ming Thein wrote that Nikon Professional Services fixed his D800e and said it was a calibration issue. Nikon has not made any official commentary on this and if they are not careful and continue the deny-ignore-stonewall thing, they may have a Canon 1D Mark III situation on their hands.

Meta Comment

The reason you don't see the Thom Hogan reviews here or at the Camera Reviews mini-site is entirely logistical: with hundreds of cameras and hundreds of websites to track on a daily basis, we rely mostly on RSS feeds. The Thom Hogan Experience does not (yet) have an RSS feed. Unfortunately with hundreds of cameras and hundreds of websites to track, we rarely have the luxury of time to do the busy-bee-visiting-every-website-in-the-meadow, so we miss reviews posted on websites without RSS feeds. We will backfill the Hogan reviews at their published dates at the Camera Reviews mini-site on a time-permitting basis.

The same goes for other review websites without RSS feeds. If you are using website software that doesn't have built-in RSS feed generation, you can easily create a faux-RSS feed using Twitter. The process is simple:

1) Create a Twitter account that is dedicated to posting new updates for your website
2) Whenever you have a new review or new post on your website, post a new tweet
3) Locate the RSS feed address for your Twitter account - details at TheNextWeb
4) Optional but highly recommended: Burn the Twitter feed with Feedburner and give your readers the Feedburner RSS url, eg (if/when you switch to server software that has built-in RSS feeds, then simply edit Feedburner and switch out the Twitter source with your new website's RSS source, and all your RSS subscribers will automatically receive the new updates).

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