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July 15, 2012

Returning feature after two years: Top Selling Camera Charts

We have a second victory from Operation Reclaim Time, the return of the Top Selling Camera Charts at Amazon, after a two year hiatus caused mainly by the flood of new camera models that ate up more and more of our time. We just posted a new Top 20!

We will withhold our usual parallel "analysis" posts until we do 2-3 of these charts in a row and get things going again.

Just to see how far the digital camera world has come/gone in two years, take a look at the top sellers in mid-July 2010, two years ago. None of the cameras from 2010 are in the 2012 chart, but a lot of their replacements and the replacements-of-their-replacements are.

Since we haven't done this in a while, if you are not familiar with their purpose, check the About page. The About page will be updated after we settle on a new format. To summarize, the main takeaway from this project is to observe trends and momentum.

We are experimenting with a slightly different format, so if you have any feedback/suggestions/etc, this is the best time to let us know using the online contact form or the comments below or the Twitter. This is the best time for making changes/adjustments/additions/deletions/etc.

I tested this on the major browsers, but I cannot test every browser version, browser add-on/customizations, operating system, and device combination, so if you notice any problems, please let us know!

All apologies to fans of the "top sellers" feature for falling behind for so long. It is a good thing we don't make cameras, we would handily beat Sigma in the delays department :)

PS.1: the first "victory" of "Operation Reclaim Time" was longer/more-detailed posts, starting with the Is Canon Losing Independent Voters?

PS.2: the parallel to this, the Top Selling DSLRs/iLCs will be revisited after we get this overall charts re-sorted out first. Step by Step!

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