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July 13, 2012

(ENDED) Possible Deal at 9am ET: Canon D-Rebel T2i two lens kit

This disappointing special ended! For deals, specials and in-stock alerts, check the Camera Deals blog. Previous updates after the jump for reference only. The promotion ended!

UPDATE 12:05pm ET: The price is $800, a disappointingly small discount compared to the equivalent price had the T2i w/18-55 been in-stock by Amazon itself and thus qualified for the Canon Instant Rebates. I guess they left the drunk interns in charge ;-)

ORIGINAL POST: Starting at 9am Eastern Time, there will be a special on the Canon Digital Rebel T2i two-lens kit (18-55, 55-250) at the Camera & Photo Lightning Deals at Amazon. The price will be revealed at 9am ET today (Friday 7/13/12). Once you add to cart, you have 15 minutes to finish buying it (or else you lose the discount). This special will last for four hours, unless it sells out ahead of time. Previous pricing on SLR gear in these had been all over the place. Some prices are too good and they sell out within minutes, others last the full four hours. We do not know the price ahead of time. The price will be revealed at 9am ET. This blog-post will be updated again long after the special has gone live [we haz to ZZzzZ at some point!].

If you want to research this kit ahead of time, this is the D-Rebel T2i two-lens kit product page. But you must buy it through the Lightning Deals to get the discounted price.

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