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July 10, 2012

Picture #44,000 in the Readers Flickr Pool

You/we have reached another milestone in the Readers's Flickr Pool! Over 44,000 pictures have been shared by photographers like you! As usual, we feature the milestone picture, #44,000, Ecuadorian Fish and Chips by ChrisGoldNY taken with the HTC One in the NYC. Thanks to everyone for participating and sharing your pictures!

The Readers Flickr Pool is a place where photographers of all experience levels and camera types share their pictures. Everyone is welcome to join and submit up to five pictures per day. This is not an 18+ group, so please do not submit adult-themed pictures.

Recent additions to the flickr pool are featured on the front page (and index pages) of this blog. We do not store the pictures on this blog or elsewhere - they are displayed using standard flickr widgets provided by flickr (the flickr badge), and maintained by flickr. You can add or remove your pictures at any time by adding them or removing them from the flickr pool.

Flickr has recently added more Pool Viewing options, so you can check out the pictures in the flickr pool in many different ways, including one picture per row (the Large option) - the most photography-priority view imho.

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