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July 17, 2012

Pentax responds to no more Pentax-branded fixed lens cameras

dpreview contacted Pentax on the topic of the previously mentioned in the Japanese press quote from the Pentax-Ricoh president that there would be no future fixed lens digital cameras under the Pentax brand, only under Ricoh. The Pentax damage control representative told dpreview that that quote is only one of the possibilities and a final decision has not been made.

But as you can see from our rumbling not-brief primer of Pentax & Ricoh P&S cameras posted last night, it doesn't make a lot of sense to keep selling mass-market P&S cameras under the weakest of the two brands, when the strongest of the two brands wasn't particularly successful at it. It does make sense if this continues in a more niche fashion, like focus on markets where the brands are popular (such as Japan), focus on unique cameras like the GR-D or industrial-strength elementproofs for business use, etc.

Speaking of elementproofs, the prices of the waterproof black Pentax WG-1 and the orange WG-1 GPS are down to $170 at the Target website. These are previous models, so it doesn't necessary corroborate the above quote.

Another camera/system whose fate might be up in the air (speculation) is the Pentax Q system. The price of the black Q with the 8.5mm prime has a "falling knife" price-situation at Amazon. Last week it found "resistance" at $388~ and bounced up, this week it broke through, currently down to $375.

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