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July 11, 2012

ORB-fixed Fuji X10 meets the dpreview reviewers

ORB Talk Radio! Dpreview has received one of the ORB-fixed Fuji X10 digital cameras and they have now completed their review of the camera! Here is their introduction to the review (this should be page #0 of the actual review since many people don't read the review through the dpreview front page, but I digress). Next up, here comes the 20-page review which includes a dedicated ORB Talk Radio page. If you are running out of time or out of battery, you can always jump to the conclusions before jumping to conclusions.

As the review points out, Fuji has yet to come up with (or communicate) a scheme on how the average shopper/photographer can figure out whether the camera they are buying in a store or on the internets is a pre-op or post-op Fuji X10. Stay tuned (I guess).

The review has just been posted (as of the time of writing) but as time goes by, expect to see discussions springing up and growing in the dpreview Fuji Talk forum.

For more opinions on the X10, check its list of completed reviews which is now fixed too - you can see review-links in the categories/tag/archives/index pages, not just on the front page. We'd love to blame the Fuji ORBs for this problem, but they are orthogonal issues :)

You can do a DIY price-check of the camera through the X10 stock status page (latest update there mid-June).

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