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July 07, 2012

Opinion Soup: DIY DSLR AF test, real cameras, exhibition prints, elitists, etc

It is Sunday somewhere in the world, and that means, a new edition of the Opinion Soup! If you missed any previous installments, fear not, they are all waiting for you in the Opinion Soup can. Just microwave for 90 seconds and they will be ready! [on a blog-scheduling note, a new Cameraholic Digest will come out on Sunday PM blog-time - other things equal as always]

DIY + .edu
+ how to quickly test your DSLR for auto focus issues at Mansurovs
+ 10 DIY tips at Strobist
+ making exhibition quality prints at PDN Online

+ Maybe it's time to carry a real camera again? at Buzzfeed (via Gimzodo)
+ Sony RX100 - why I want one by Elliotnewcomb in dpreview Sony forum
+ Product Variability Part II: Epson Printers investigated by Ctein at TOP
+ Elitists ruining tech journalism at Laptop Magazine (Reader-DIY-exercise: replace gadgets mentioned with appropriate cameras and re-read!)
+ Does Canon have a problem with Independent and Persuadable Voters? at 1001 Lousy Cameras (this bog!)

Software and Post Processing
+ top 5 features for photographers in the land of CS6 at dpreview
+ a cry for a simple search menu at F/Stoppers - no cry.mp3 found ;-)

Creativity, Inspiration, Etc
+ mixing old and new technologies - creative soup at Visual Science Lab
+ how to give a constructive critique in street photography at Erik Kim
+ the art of wow by Thomas Hawk
+ common photographic mistakes and how to avoid them at Ming Thein

Social Media
+ does social media activity work for photography professionals at Blackstar Rising (4 minute video)
+ what is wrong with linking social media at Rosh Sillars

A Day at the Improv
+ 12 ways to achieve a perfect glamor shot at F/Stoppers
+ irritating photographic vocabulary at Sound Image Plus
+ if camera manufacturers were countries at Quesabesde (computer-translated - although you need to understand Spanish to appreciate this)

Tech in General
+ your cellphone is not your friend at PDN Pulse
+ how to get the best sound quality from your laptop at Camera Labs (20 minute video)
+ disappointed in iBook publishing at Yvon's blog
+ on PR pitches and technology at Pogue Times

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