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July 28, 2012

Opinion Soup: EOS-m, Internet & Photography, 7 Deadly Sins of Togs, Controversy, etc

We missed the window last week, so now we have for you two weeks worth of opinions! Buy One Get One Opinion Free all week long! If you missed previous episodes, they are waiting for you in the Opinion Soup archives. Caution: some of the opinions presented here are too complex for online audiences without our award-winning associates providing context! [explanation]

+ new opinions on the Canon EOS-M mirrorless (not mentioned in earlier EOS-M round-ups) at The Online Photographer and DCI staff members and Blog Beebe and DP Writer
+ new DSLR? why you do NOT need a 50mm prime by G.Dan Mitchell
+ why not a monochrome Olympus E-M5 asks DigLloyd & The Commotions (opinion free to read; reviews & content are subscribers only)
+ what I would like to see in Sony's new flagship camera at Visual Science Lab
+ on Panasonic mirrorless strategy at Sans Miroir
+ what I like and don't like about the RED EPIC at Wide Open Camera
+ what I want in my next camera at Blob Beebe
+ quit dissing my 36 megapixels at Improve Photography
+ what should I buy? at Speedlighter
+ on mirrorless camera acronyms (wrt Panasonic DSLM) at PixiQ
+ five things I want camera companies to stop doing now at Photofocus
+ six reasons why I switched to the Leica M9 by Scott Wyden at Japan Camera Hunter

+ Pix, the new PDN photo magazine for women, is criticized for being full of stereotypes at Jezebel
+ reactions at A Photo Editor and SLR Lounge and F/Stoppers

Internets and Photography
+ internet's influence on photography at The Mansurovs: Part #1 and Part #2
+ Instagram is debasing real photography at The Guardian (via the dpreview)
+ open letter to people who take pictures of food with Instagram at McSweeneys (via APE)
+ is social media a waste of time at Black Star
+ two decades of internet photography at Quesabesde (computer-translated)

+ open letter to new Yahoo CEO by Thomas Hawk
+ how new Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer can make Flickr awesome again by Thomas Hawk and Reddit r/photography
+ flickr engagement problem at Wired Gadget Lab (via PetaPixel)
+ flickr vs google+ visitors at Thomas Hawk

+ seven deadly sins of professional photographers at Photodoto
+ pricing and negotiating at A Photo Editor
+ challenges for today's wedding photographers at Digital Pro Talk
+ seven levels of awareness in becoming a professional photographer at PetaPixel
+ clients from hell at Ming Thein

Learnings, Tips, Edu, DIY
+ depth of field and the importance of achieving critical focus at Ming Thein
+ finding the number of actuations for your Canon DSLR at Canon 5D Tips
+ optimizing image sharpness, aperture and diffraction limitation at David Saffir
+ ten tips from Olympic photographer Jeff Calbe at Photography Blog
+ twenty five famous photographers share their favorite shots and the stories behind them at Photodoto
+ on flare by William Schneider at TOP

Creativity, Inspiration, Etc
+ what I didn't learn at art school by Conor Risch at PDN
+ on nude photography at Pixiq (caution for sensitive readers: naked illustrations!]
+ on the controversial "bad" Olympic portraits at TOP
+ what I like and don't like at Sound Image Plus
+ notes on composition by Mahesh Venkitachalam at Luminous
+ common photography mistakes in ...1902 at Peta Pixel
+ crying wolf and darkrooms and such at TOP
+ what do you do for a living? at Petapixel

Off-Topic Opines by Photographers
+ high-end loudspeakers at TOP
+ rant on Rogers (Canada) at Nothing Matters
+ how rich do you have to be? at TOP

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