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July 14, 2012

Opinion Soup: D800 AF issues, GXR limbo, XPro1, Sony, Squeaks, DIY, Books, xQD, Biz, Etc

Opinions are like onions. If you fry them, they will bloom! Time for a new edition of the Opinion Soup! (previous editions available through this link). This was a very busy week with lots of opinion-posts, here we geaux...

+ Mansurovs ghost-writes fictional Nikon press release talking about the D800/D800e auto focus issues
+ a dissertation of opinions on my current equipment choices by Ming Thein
+ on the Fuji X-Pro1 sucking by Ctein at TOP
+ Is Sony going to be the digital Kodak by Roger Cicala syndicated at PetaPixel Rentals and Imaging Resource Rentals
+ GXR branding limbo at Sans Miroir
+ why I hate my camera by Steve Giralt at PetaPixel
+ on using noise to find composite images via dpreview
+ on squeaks at KeH blog
+ does the xQD format have a chance? at F/Stoppers
+ on the slowness vs quality of reviews at Sans Miroir
+ on Canon mirrorless, SSDs and Pinterest in latest Digital Story podcast
+ Life after RED at Wide Open Camera

+ on digitally-entitled youths not respecting copyright at The Trichordist (via Kirk Tuck)
+ blogs lQQking for photo editors!!! at A Photo Editor
+ on selling your photo book part #1 at PP Mag
+ shooting for submission at Thru the LQQking Glass
+ what buyers want from photographers at Photopreneur
+ on writing a photographer bio at PetaPixel
+ six things flea markets taught me about photography at Scott Wyden
+ on the new trend of vacationers hiring photographers for their vacations at CNet Australia

DIY + .edu
+ 2-hour video Google Hangout by Photigy talking shooting electronics (including cameras of course)
+ perfect DIY fire light at Hurlbut Visuals
+ my usual settings for street photography at Robin Wong
+ broom handle monopod at Make Projects (via PP, LH)
+ photography book recommendations (instructional/skills/techniques) at Pixique
+ uninstalling Capture One from Mac OS X Lion at Capture Integration
+ unusual approach to protecting expensive camera gear during flights at PixiQue
+ tip to improve shooting with LCD-only cameras at Digital Outback

Photo Sharing & Apps
+ on creating compelling slide shows (20-min video) by David Ziser
+ thoughts on Instagram and friends at Ming Thein
+ we was tempted to insert an Instagram-hipster joke once again, but the harsh reality is that we are all at least partially hipsters nowadays - all those millions of Black Keys albums did not buy themselves

Creativity, Inspirational, Cloud Walking, Etc
+ Steve Simon's passion for documentary photography at Galbraith
+ a large part of inspiration is patience at Visual Science Lab
+ on putting together a portfolio at Visual Science Labs
+ on digital printing at TOP by TOP: best thing and worst thing
+ finding Zen in street photography by Eric Kim
+ don't overthink - be yourself at Robin Wong
+ what do you do when breaking news breaks outside your window at Photo Cine News
+ breaking the rules at PixiQue
+ which photograph to keep at Strobist

A Day at the Improv
+ why we hate seeing pictures of ourselves by Duncan Davidson (TED) (via @IR_Lab)
+ on holding the camera proper(ly) at Framed Network (via B&H Tumblr)
+ animated GIFs are the digital cockroaches! - via F/Stoppers

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