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July 05, 2012

Olympus on the attack: shows prototype wearable display glasses (think Google Project Glass)

It looks like perhaps Olympus is making a concentrated effort to beef up its image after it took a beating with the financial kerfuffle. Soon after The Hierarchy revealed that the E-M5 is using a Sony-made sensor and calling it/Sony the best CMOS sensors, they have issued an R&D proclamation: they are working on wearable display glasses, along the line of Google's Project Glass, which set the tech world on fire with curiosity interest.

The current Olympus prototype is code named MEG 4.0. has QVGA resolution (320x240) and uses Bluetooth to connect. The display does not obstruct the visibility of the outside world says the computer translation. Combination with GPS is also a possibility. It weighs less than 30 grams with battery, uses Bluetooth version 2.1, has a battery estimate of 8 hours (based on preconceived patterns of usage), is around 20cm long (196mm), and its brightness ranges from 10 to 2000 cd/m-squared.

Press release at Olympus Japan (computer-translated). Via Akihabara, the Verge, the Techmememe

Speculation + Wishful Thinking
In addition to the general possibilities for this technology, at the hands of a camera manufacturer, these could potentially bring unprecedented levels of integration between the cameras (and camera-lenses) and the wearable glasses. Why squint through the Viewfinder when you can have all the information right in front of your eyes all the time or on demand?

It could also be a great photographic teaching tool - instead of having the names and history of people and buildings you see as you walk overlayed on the wearable display, you can instead see f-stops and apertures and focus points and histograms :)

You can also become a digital healer: "Your histogram is off today, Tom, are you coming down with something bad? Go see your doctor!"

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