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July 21, 2012

(SOLD OUT) Olympus E-M5 black body for $995 ships 7/25/12

This has sold-out! For future updates check the Olympus E-M5 stock status page. Original post after the jump for reference only...

Attention Olympus E-M5 body only hunters! We have just updated the Olympus E-M5 stock status page and we have good news for you: the E-M5 body only, black color, is now available at J&R World for $995 with free shipping with a Wednesday July 25, 2012 estimated shipping date! Use coupon code JRSUMMER to get the $995 price (coupon is $5 off $75+, ends 7/31/12). Look for this at the J&R product page:


Free Accessory via Mail-in Rebate when purchased TOGETHER
Also note the yellow highlighted Mail-In Rebates link above. If you purchase the E-M5 together in the same shopping cart, at the same time with a qualifying accessory, you can get the price of the accessory back via a mail-in rebate. The PDF file with all the details can be found at the aforelinked J&R page.

Of the three, these two are currently in-stock at J&R World: FL300R flash for $169 and MF-2 OM lens adapter also for $169. The MMF-3 adapter is currently out of stock.

Please note, for this mail-in rebate promotion, you must purchase the items TOGETHER - in the same shopping cart aka the same transaction. For the speed-readers out there, this means you have to buy them from the same retailer and at the same time, together for ever! Insert Rick-Roll here!

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