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July 28, 2012

Newsbytes: xQD 2.0, Tamron fakes, Kipon EF to M43/NEX bodies, RX100 grip, etc

This was supposed to come out yesterday but it fell off the wagon! We reloaded the wagon and it is ready to go! Newsbytes rounds up a variety of news and newsy items when they pile up in our RSS dungeon and beg for escape ;-)

+ Kipon launches new adapters that allow Canon EF lenses to be mounted on Micro Four Thirds and NEX cameras via Kipon, P.Blog, Pop Photo, et al

+ Compactflash announces version 2 of the xQD specification blessed by Sony (because committees love to generate more output ;-) via Steve's and P. Blog and Imaging Resource

+ Tamron Japan warns of fake serial numbers and fake warranty cards via Amateur Photographer UK

+ Tamron AT-X Pro DX II for Nikon upgraded with some modern era luxuries via and

+ Richard Franiec announces grip for the Sony Cybershot RX100 via dpreview et al

+ Fuji sells their OLED patents for $100+ million USD to Universal Display Corporation - via Fujifilm

+ Fuji discontinues more films via BJoP and P.Blog and Pixiq et al

+ Toshiba announces three 1.75um sensors for cameraphones and webcams via Image Sensors World

+ Luminous Landscape on brief hiatus as founder recovers after cancer surgery

+ Lytro launches Windows software (64-bit Windows 7 only!) [via PetaPixels]

+ Eneloop XX batteries invade France via PixFan

+ Warner Brothers launches photo sharing service via Twice (everybody else has, so why not? ;-)

+ Washington DC Police Chief reveals new common sense camera/cameraphone policy via Tech Dirt and PDN Pulse

+ failed Kodak executives pay themselves millions in bonuses via Peta Pixel - is there an #OccupyRochester movement? :-)

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