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July 11, 2012

Newsbytes: 36.7fps medical camera, Lexar xQD, Nikon D800/D7000 battery recall, etc

There's enough newsy action today to warrant the IPOing of the Newsbytes segment from the Cameraholic Digest (update: here is today's Cameraholic Digest). Here we geaux:

Gear Newsy News
+ UCLA comes up with 36.7fps medical camera for cancer research via Pop Photo and EXtreMeTeCh and PoPsCi
+ Lexar will launch xQD memory cards in Q3 via Pop Photo and P/Blog and Galbraith (one would think that after the success of the Fuji-Olympus xD memory card format, savvy marketing people would steer away from anything that reminds of xD)
+ Casio launches new N-series P&S cameras (previously mentioned separately)
+ Bowens launches Mosaic Daylight via ephotozine
+ select Nikon battery EN-EL15 batteries for D800 and D7000 recalled officially by US/Canada combined bureaucracies because of burn hazard (via Engadget)

Other Newsy News
+ Fuji launching API for developers to allow the offering of photo-product-related services via Miss Fuji
+ Kodak selling land in the UK via Am. Pho UK
+ onOne drops prices of their DSLR remote apps via Galbraith
+ Samsung CEO will have a high-profile keynote at CES 2013 via Engadget

Viral Picture du Jour
+ stunning vortex on Saturn's moon by NASA (via Yahoo News) [see NASA Cassini gallery]

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