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July 18, 2012

New camera announcement: Samsung MV900F (Wifi, flip-to-front display)

Have you digested the new Panasonics and are ready for more new cameras? You are at the right place. Samsung has revealed a new Wifi fixed-lens camera, the WF900F, with a flip-to-the-front display, and a starting price of $350. This is a compact compact when the screen is tucked in. It has a 16mp 1/2.x" backlit CMoS sensor, 5x optical zoom lens (25-125mm eq) starting at f2.5, 3.3" WVGA (800x480) AMOLED display,

A hands-on video and camera-body-pictures can be found at The Engadget. First impressions at Digital Camera Info. A camera body pictures gallery at The Verge and Gizmodeaux. Press release parade at Photography Blog and dpreview and dc resource et al.

The fact that there are more hands-on previews at gadget blogs than photography-dedicated websites is perhaps quite telling about one of the main perceived target audiences of this camera: the techies and the geeks.

The MV900F is available for pre-order for $350 in black or white at B&H Photo.

New Cameras in 2012 Snapshot
This, along with new Panasonics, have now been added to the Cameras of 2012 page, which has these totals as of this update:
+ 172 new digital cameras, 22 of which are interchangeable lens (split DSLR/mirrorless)
+ of the 150 fixed lens cameras, 58 of them are superzooms (zoom lens ratio of 10x or more)
+ of the 150 fixed lens cameras, only 10 of them offer RAW recording out of the box. Churn baby churn - those P&S shiny silver clones!

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