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July 21, 2012

Leakage: Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera body and 22mm and 18-55 lenses

UPDATE July-23-2012 at 12:12am NYC time
The new Canon Mirrorless Camera System is now officially announced. Check the official details in our Announcement Round-up.

This blog-post will no longer be updated. Leaks/rumors after the jump for reference purposes only...

UPDATE July-22-2012 at 5:30pm NYC time
More detailed specifications have leaked for the first Canon EOS M mirrorless camera. Check them out in the new Canon Mirrorless leakage post.

Leakage time! Pictures of the new Canon mirrorless systems have leaked out on the internets through Digicame-Info (computer-translated), which posted the leaked (presumably press release photos) of the camera and system on their flickr stream [see one of them below]. A couple more pictures of the not-press-release variety have appeared at Canon Rumors (last two in that post). The pictured lens is a 22mm f2 STM. The leakage of an 18-55mm lens is perhaps a tell tale sign of an APS-C sensor.

Discussions of the leakages are all over the internets, including a mega-thread at the Canon Rumors forum also at the dpreview Canon Talk forum, which will soon need a "Canon Mirrorless Talk" forum and also at the Serious Compacts forums.


Of the currently announced mirrorless systems, four three of them have APS-C size sensors. The Leica-for-the-rest-of-us Fuji X/XF system, the Samsung NX mount and the Sony NEX e-mount. UPDATE: As Wallace pointed out in the comments, the Pentax K-mirrorless is also using APS-C sensors!

Typically (but not always), a large(r) sensor is considered an advantage in digital photography. Samsung has not been able to translate that advantage with the NX system, even back when the competition was less intense. Fuji's price range is such at the moment that the XF system is a niche system, regardless of sensor size. The Pentax K-01 is a continuation of the K-mount, mirrorless-style. Which brings us to Sony, which is perhaps the one of the three that has been able to make the most of their sensor-size advantage with the NEX e-mount APS-C sensor cameras.

So it will be interesting to see how this will impact the market. It will also be interesting to see what Nikon will do now that it looks like their bitter rival will have an APS-C sensor while Nikon's system is at the 1-inch size. We also have to wait for prices to be announced. Will Canon price it as a premium Fuji XF-like system or will it be priced in the D-Rebel range?

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