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July 2012 (140 posts)

July 31: Nikon D800 in-stock floodgates open at $3000 [updated]
July 31: Camera & Lens Reviews sites updated
July 31: Crazy Pentax K30 dSLR offer at Costco refuels Pentax P&S discontinuation speculation
July 31: Deal Digest: Canon 55-250 EF-S IS II for $150, Kindles dirt cheap for Amazon Visa holders
July 30: In-stock Nao: Nikon D800, D4, D3200 red, Sony RX100, Olympus E-M5, etc
July 30: Cameraholic Digest: RX100, A77, NEX-F3, K30, NX1K, 600EX-RT, superzooms, etc
July 30: Curiosity factor: dpreview reviews the Nokia PureView 808
July 30: Two Duels: Nikon D800s vs Medium Format cameras
July 30: Curiosity factor: Pentax 645D vs Nokia Pureview 808 (both around 40mp~)
July 30: Fuji reveals new Diopter Correction Lenses for the X-Pro1
July 30: Rumors: iPhone 5 announcement September 12, release September 21
July 30: Write essays, stories, or memoirs about photography? Kindle Singles are open to everyone now
July 28: Opinion Soup: EOS-m, Internet & Photography, 7 Deadly Sins of Togs, Controversy, etc
July 28: Newsbytes: xQD 2.0, Tamron fakes, Kipon EF to M43/NEX bodies, RX100 grip, etc
July 28: (SOLD OUT) In-stock: Nikon D800E for $3300 (yes, D800E)
July 28: (ENDED) Canon D-Rebel Instant Rebates: Lens Prices Drop (last day unless renewed)
July 27: New Top Selling Cameras snapshot posted
July 27: Kodak Patents bidding war: Apple + Microsoft vs Google + Samsung (and more)
July 27: Terumo makes public offer of $640 million USD for Olympus tie-up
July 27: (SOLD OUT) Potential deal: 9am to 1pm ET: Panasonic GF3 w/14-42mm PZ X
July 26: Sony announces new PMW-200 XDCAM shoulder camcorder
July 26: Cameraholic Digest: RX100, K30 DSLR, EoS-m, NX1000, D4, D3200, E-M5, etc
July 25: Sony RX100 review double-feature II: Photo Review and Trusted Reviews
July 25: Deal Digest: Fuji X100 w/extras for $1000, refurbished Canon 7D for $1200
July 25: Update: The new Fuji F800-EXR offers RAW
July 25: Thom Hogan issues a Not-Recommended on the Nikon D800
July 25: Impact review: Nikon D3200 at dpreview
July 25: (SOLD OUT) In-stock also: silver Olympus E-M5 w/12-50 for $1300
July 24: Catch up with the madness of the last 50 hours
July 24: In-stock: Nikon D800 for $3000 (and eligible for f2.8 Instant Rebates)
July 24: New Camera Announcement: Fuji F800-EXR (Wifi, 20x superzoom) [and RAW too]
July 24: New Lens Announcement: Sony 55-300mm f4.5-5.6 DT SAM (Alpha)
July 24: 48 hours later: Canon Mirrorless launch - Episode III
July 24: Cameraholic Digest (Fixed Lens, Video, Etc): Sony RX100, Leica X2, TG-1, Superzooms, etc
July 24: In-stock: Canon 1D X for $6795 with coupon
July 24: In-stock: Nikon D4 for $6000 (and eligible for f2.8 Instant Rebates)
July 24: Cameraholic Digest (DSLR edition): 1D X vs D4 comps, K30, T4i/650D, Ax7, etc
July 24: Cameraholic Digest (Mirrorless Edition): G5, E-M5, NX210, NEX-F3, K-01, XPro1, etc
July 24: Curiosity factor: Panasonic G5 review at Photography Blog
July 24: Hasselblad sending invitations for September 18 Photokina press conference
July 24: (SOLD OUT) In-stock: Nikon D800 body for $3000
July 23: 24 hours later: Canon Mirrorless launch Episode II
July 23: New Camera Announcement: Sony Cybershot WX170 (10x compact-zoom)
July 23: Sony RX100 review double-feature: Photo Club Alpha and Photography Blog
July 23: Coming July 26? 36mp Sony A99 SLT and Sony PMW-200 XDCAM
July 23: More Olympus E-M5 kits return in-stock
July 23: (SOLD OUT) Nikon In-Stock Party: D800 body, D4 body, red D3200 w/18-55 (at regular prices)
July 23: (SOLD OUT) In-stock again: Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 for $1300
July 22: Canon Mirrorless system is officially launched!
July 22: Lens and Camera review mini-sites updated
July 22: Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera specs leak on the internets! [updated with hands-on video]
July 21: Kodak loses could-have-been-lucrative case against Apple and RIM
July 21: Leakage: Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera body and 22mm and 18-55 lenses
July 21: Doc Time: Dark Light: The Art Of Blind Photographers (HBO)
July 21: (SOLD OUT) Olympus E-M5 black body for $995 ships 7/25/12
July 19: Canon D-Rebel T4i kit returns at Amazon with Recall Warning
July 19: Site News: Rob Galbraith website goes in hibernation/hiatus
July 19: (ENDED) More Olympus E-M5 black kits in-stock at regular prices
July 19: Curiosity factor: new Nikon 24-85 and 18-300 lenses reviewed
July 19: Nikon patents f2-f2.8 lens for Coolpix type camera
July 19: Visual Recap: 20 most recent Interchangeable Lens Camera announcements
July 19: (SOLD OUT) In-stock at regular prices: Nikon D800, D4 and Sony RX100
July 18: The Morning After: Panasonic LX7, G5 (m43rds), and FZ200 (f2.8)
July 18: Canon D-Rebel T4i kits return 404 at Amazon for at least 5 days
July 18: New camera announcement: Samsung MV900F (Wifi, flip-to-front display)
July 18: Sony RX100 now shipping for $650
July 17: New Panasonic LX7 starts at f1.4 with 10mp 1/1.7" MOS sensor
July 17: New Panasonic G5 micro four thirds interchangeable lens camera
July 17: New Panasonic 45-150mm f4-5.6 OIS (m43rds) lens
July 17: New Panasonic FZ200 superzoom w/24x lens (f2.8 all the way!)
July 17: New Panasonic FZ60 and LZ20 superzooms and SZ5 compact-zoom
July 17: Interviews with Panasonic at DSLR Mag. (Spanish) and AP-UK
July 17: (ENDED) Store Pick-Up for Nikon D800 and Sony RX100 (YMMV regionally)
July 17: (ENDED) Free for iOS users: Diptic photo collage and filters app
July 17: Cameraholic Digest: D4, D800, K30, NX20, NX210, F3, A57, TG1, XPro1, Pro1, etc
July 17: Pentax responds to no more Pentax-branded fixed lens cameras
July 17: Impact review: Pentax K30 at PentaxForums website
July 17: (NOW OFFICIAL) Leakage: Panasonic LX7, FZ200, FZ60, G5 m43rds
July 16: Camera & Lens review mini-sites updated
July 16: Pentax will stop making fixed lens digicams (Ricoh will continue)
July 16: New Digital Back announcement: 48.8mp Sinar eXact (up to 192mp)
July 16: Geekery: what's inside the Olympus 75mm f1.8 (m43rds)?
July 16: Samsung lowers EX2f compact-avec-RAW price to $500
July 16: New Lens Announcement: Voigtlander 28mm f2.8 SL II (SLR: C/N)
July 16: Smash His Camera (Rob Galella documentary) - now free to watch at Amazon Prime
July 16: (ENDED) Camera Geeks Cameras on eBay: Terry White's Nikon D700
July 15: Zacuto Great Camera Shootout Episode II (2012 edition) is now posted
July 15: Returning feature after two years: Top Selling Camera Charts
July 14: Opinion Soup: D800 AF issues, GXR limbo, XPro1, Sony, Squeaks, DIY, Books, xQD, Biz, Etc
July 14: Cameraholic Digest: T4i ISOz, 1D X RAW, SD1m, NX20, RX100, X2, X10, EX2f, superzooms, etc
July 14: (SOLD OUT) Deal alert: Canon S100 for $300
July 14: Panasonic LX5 doing its farewell tour
July 13: USED DSLR: Canon 1Ds Mark III for $2800
July 13: (ENDED) In-stock: Olympus E-M5 w/14-42 black or w/12-50 silver
July 13: (ENDED) Possible Deal at 9am ET: Canon D-Rebel T2i two lens kit
July 13: (SOLD OUT) In-stock: Nikon D800 body only for $3000 (also: D4 for $6000)
July 12: Impact review: Sony RX100 at Luminous Landscape
July 12: New open source 4K Super35 CinemaDNG RAW sub-$10k crowd-funded video camera
July 12: (ENDED) In-stock July 15: Olympus E-M5 silver w/12-50 for $1300
July 12: Lens Reviews mini-site updated with six new reviews
July 11: New Lens Announcement: Nikon 800mm f5.6 (SLR)
July 11: ORB-fixed Fuji X10 meets the dpreview reviewers
July 11: Cameraholic Digest: D800, X2, NEX-7, -F3, T4i/650D, 5DMk3, NX210, NX1000, etc
July 11: Newsbytes: 36.7fps medical camera, Lexar xQD, Nikon D800/D7000 battery recall, etc
July 11: New reviews for D800, X2, T4i/650D, NEX-F3, NX1000
July 11: Casio launches new N-series of P&S (N1, N10, N20) [jumps the shark?]
July 11: Fuji publishes 9-page PDF brochure for the X mount
July 10: Picture #44,000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
July 10: Call for Volunteers: Camera Phone Image Quality IEEE group kick-off meeting mid-August 2012
July 10: (ENDED) In-stock again: Sony RX100 in-stock for $650 [updated]
July 10: Canon mirrorless system launching July 23?
July 10: Newsbytes: new Canon Pixma and Selphy printers, 24" Wacom tablet, etc
July 9: Cameraholic Digest: E-M5 vs G3, 5DMk3 vs D800, 1D X, K30, first D-Rebel T4i/650D completed review, etc
July 9: Geekery: Sony NEX-5n Cine Housing (prototype)
July 9: BenQ G1 surprises with a zoom lens starting at f1.8, PASM, swivel LCD
July 8: Cameraholic Digest: NX210, K30, NEX-F3, G1x, P510, WCL-X100, T4i allergies, Newsbytes, etc
July 8: PureView technology coming to Nokia Lumia devices "very soon"
July 7: Opinion Soup: DIY DSLR AF test, real cameras, exhibition prints, elitists, etc
July 7: Canon D-Rebel T4i/650D teardown talks TI, Phase Detection, and more
July 7: Specs for Fuji XF 14mm f2.8 and 18-55mm f2.8-4 OIS revealed
July 7: Patent watch: Ricoh 14mm lens for 4/3 and 19mm for APS-C
July 7: Blog Infrastructure Update and Bug Fix Day
July 5: Does Canon have a problem with Independent Voters?
July 5: Curiosity factor: Sony RX100 architecture samples at Lens Tip
July 5: Revenge of the multiple product names hits Canon T4i/650D/Kiss X6i
July 5: Now shipping: Canon 24mm & 28mm f2.8 IS primes [Delayed: 24-70 f2.8 II]
July 5: Olympus on the attack: shows prototype wearable display glasses (think Google Project Glass)
July 4: Panasonic cancels contract with model who leaked the GF5
July 4: Cameraholic Digest: DP2 M, E-M5, 75/1.8, NX210, X-Pro1, G1x, Nikon autofocusing, etc
July 3: Camera & Lens reviews pages updated
July 3: Nikon Instant Rebates return with a big bang: 24-70 and 70-200 f2.8 zooms join the party (D7000 gets both f2.8 and APS-C discounts)
July 3: New Samsung EX2F compact-with-RAW (starts 24/1.4, twist and shout, 1/1.7")
July 3: Olympus E-M5 sensor made by Sony [updated/corrected]
July 2: Tiny 4K USB 3.0 video camera with Sony Exmor R sensor from Point Grey
July 2: Curiosity factor: Samsung NX210 review at PhotoXels
July 2: Curiosity factor: Pentax K30 review at PDN
July 2: Newsbytes: Sony xQD faster than CF, Corel eats some Avid, etc, etc
July 2: True Reasons for Full Frame cameras by Falk Lumo
July 1: Deal Digest: Canon Instant Rebates reanimated, Panasonic M43rds discounts, T3i kit for $600 B&M, etc
July 1: Weekly Rewind: Fuji X roadmap, Sony action camera, Polaroid Zink digicam, 7D firmz, etc


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