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July 30, 2012

Fuji reveals new Diopter Correction Lenses for the X-Pro1

Eye-glass wearing past, present and future Fuji X-Pro1 users rejoice! The Fuji has announced that they will soon release diopter correction lenses for near and far-sighted X-Pro1 photographers. They will be available in six "strengths", from -3 to 3, in round unit increments (obviously there's no +0 [unless this was $Leica$ ;-)])

Short press release at Fuji Australia via Fuji's own Brandon Remler.

Please note the aforelinked Remler post intermingles two different items, the new Diopter Correction Lenses and the Ring Filter that comes with the camera. The latter is the one that is currently in stock at Fuji USA for $22~ + S&H (if you need a replacement or an extra one). The former, the Diopter Correction lenses, should be in a similar price range, the aforelinked Fuji Australia press release has them at $19 AUD (Australian dollars). They are expected to arrive in around August 2012.

For a refresher on the X-Pro1, check its list of completed reviews.

Brandon Remler also talks about a new Fuji X10 ergonomic kit which includes the Thumbs Up Grip and Soft Shutter Release.

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