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July 31, 2012

Deal Digest: Canon 55-250 EF-S IS II for $150, Kindles dirt cheap for Amazon Visa holders

Market forces have triggered an impromptu edition of the Deal Digest. For specials as they happen, be sure to visit and bookmark the Camera Deals blog where you can filter by brand or product-types or product categories using the drop down menus at the top of the page over there (the dark gray bar that starts with "HOME/NAV"). The highlights:

+ Canon 55-250mm EF-S IS II for $150 w/free S&H (USA warranty) at B&H Photo (limited time offer)

+ Sigma 30mm f2.8 EX DN (m434ds) for $190 w/free S&H with coupon LOYALTY10 at Abe's of Maine

+ IF and only IF you have an Amazon Chase Visa credit card
+ you can enter coupon code kindle40 and get
+ the 6-inch Kindle Wifi e-ink with Special Offers for $47~ or
+ the 6-inch Kindle Wifi e-ink without Special Offers for $65~
+ the above prices are after you enter the coupon
+ if you don't see the prices drop after you enter the coupon, it means there is something wrong - do not proceed!
+ before the coupon, the prices are $79 and $109 respectively
+ you must pay with the Amazon Chase Visa card (if you have a gift certificate balance that covers part of the amount due, the coupon stills works; I don't know what happens if your gift card balance covers the full price - if it doesn't work, you can ask an Amazon CSR to put a temporarily hold on your gift card balance so you can pay for it with the Amazon Chase Visa and get the discount - you can do this quickly via the Amazon Chat CSRs)
+ these are brand new - not refurbished
+ the above have buttons only (no keyboard, no touch-screen, no 3G)
+ the coupon does not work on the Touch, Keyboard, DX, Fire models
+ the Special Offers are not annoying - they only appear on the screen saver and the bottom of the list of books. You don't see them while you are actually reading a book
+ Amazon will likely announce new models in the Summer/Fall of 2012
+ the main blog is available as a Kindle Blog Subscription with a free 2-week trial (99c per month if you don't cancel during/after the free trial)

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