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July 31, 2012

Crazy Pentax K30 dSLR offer at Costco refuels Pentax P&S discontinuation speculation

Pentax Gone Wild at Costco! The membership chain is offering the standard Pentax K30 with 18-55mm kits (black, blue, or white) with these freebies: Pentax WG-1 waterproof camera, Pentax Sling bag and 8GB card for $900 with free shipping which is the standard price of the K30 w/18-55 kit. The WG-1 waterproof camera goes for $180 to $200+ on its own, depending on the reliability of the online seller offering them. This promotion ends 8/19/12. (found indirectly via the Fat Wallet forums Costco flyer post)

If you are not a Costco member, you can still purchase it but pay a 5% non-member surchage. 5% of $900 is $45, which is close to a 1-year Costco membership ($55) - for those of you who live near a Costco.

This is not the first time we saw a free P&S with purchase promotion with Pentax, Adorama was previously offering free sub-$70~ entry-level P&S cameras with select Pentax iLC purchases. The WG-1 is not a basic P&S digital camera, it is still selling for around $200~, which is 20+% of the price of the K30 - a significant percentage of the price of a just-released DSLR.

So this is perhaps once again fueling the speculation that Pentax is indeed planning to exit the fixed-lens P&S digital camera market. You don't have to be a student of Machiavelli to speculate that their PR types are doing damage control while they unload as many as they can before they make it official :)

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