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July 23, 2012

Coming July 26? 36mp Sony A99 SLT and Sony PMW-200 XDCAM

This may be turning into a wild week! Hot on the heels of last night's Canon mirrorless launch, there are two separate rumors (former) and leaks (latter) of new high-end Sony products. This quite possibly might be a Sony high-end power play?

On the world of stills, photographer-author-blogger Kirk Tuck dropped an SLT bomb in the dpreview Sony SLR forum, saying that two of his industry contacts talked of a 36-megapixel full-frame Sony Alpha A99 SLT pellicle-mirror interchangeable lens camera coming this week. He also replied to some questions further in the thread. If the name sounds familiar, this is indeed Kirk Tuck of Visual Science Lab. (via Foto Actualidad, DSL Camera)

If our "power play" theory is correct, the date for the announcement is Thursday July 26, 2012 (actual day may vary depending on time zone). How can we guess this?

A teaser at a Sony professional video website teased July 26 as a day for "The Next Big Thing". The new broadcast camera teased there, the PMW-200 has already semi-leaked, you can catch the specs at/via Cinescopophilia. You can see the Flash-animation with a countdown clock in the middle of the Sony XDCAM website (Flash required to see animation-teaser).

But this does not necessary mean they have to be announced on exactly the same day! The "power play" is only speculation on our part.

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