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July 22, 2012

Canon Mirrorless system is officially launched!

The time is now! Canon has now officially announced their new mirrorless interchangeable camera system! Price-wise, the EOS-M camera with the 22mm f2 STM lens will start at $800. The 18-55 lens will go for $300, the flash for $150 and the EF lens mount adapter for $200. The 22mm f2 lens goes for $250 on its own. The whole system is available for pre-order at Amazon, including batteries and lens caps. Initial release estimate is October 2012.

UPDATE: Two new round-ups have been posted rounding up the action 24 hours after the launch and 48 hours after the launch [NEW!]

Previews and Hands-ons
+ five page preview at d-preview
+ preview at Imaging Resource
+ hands-on at DSLR Magazine (computer-translated)
+ first impressions at Digital Camera Info
+ first look at PDN Pulse
+ first impressions at Cinema 5D
+ first look at CNet Australia
+ early mockup impressions at Pop Photo
+ hands on at tech radar
+ first look at Photo Review

+ nine JPEG samples by Canon Japan (including a kitten) [via P. Blog]

Spec Comparisons
+ mirrorless system sensor-size comparison at Photoscala
+ mirrorless spec-sheet comparisons at CNet

Japanese Market
The Japanese market will get four different body colors (black, red, white, silver) and the kits will be either with the 22/2 or the 18-55 or a two-lens kit with both. Details at DC Watch Impress (computer-translated)

Press Release Parade
+ dpreview
+ Imaging Resource
+ Photoscala
+ Focus Numerique (computer-translated)
+ DSLR Magazine
+ CSC Magazine
+ Le Monde
+ DC Resource
+ Photoxels

Video Previews
A 3-minute hands-on video preview by Digital Camera World (YouTube), also embedded below...

An 8-minute hands-on video with the Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera is posted on YouTube by Italian YouTube Channel PM Studio News. You can find it embedded right below. The presence of a detailed hands-on video is also a sign that the camera is readily available for reviewers/previewers, and would suggest perhaps near-term availability (as Canon is usually able to do with sub-$1000 cameras) [via Canon Rumors]

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