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July 28, 2012

(ENDED) Canon D-Rebel Instant Rebates: Lens Prices Drop (last day unless renewed)

As of a 7/30/12 recheck, these have indeed expired! Adding the previously eligible items to cart does not promote the previous combined purchase instant discounts. Previous updates are after the jump for reference only! The Instant Rebates are currently dead as a doornail.

Today (July 28, 2012) is the last day for the Canon Digital Rebel Instant Rebates unless they get renewed again. The lens prices have dropped today, so if you are buying one or more of the qualifying lenses, you can add them to a qualifying DSLR kit for +$54 for the 55-250mm EF-S IS, +$40 for the 75-300 non-USM non-IS and +$230 for the 70-300mm IS non-L. These are stackable so you can buy all three lenses with one eligible D-Rebel kit and get all three discounts.

The prices cannot be updated automatically here in the blog-post-text, so check the aforelinked pages if reading at a later time/date. Check the big picture at the Canon D-Rebel Instant Rebates permanent page or check a recap and example.

EXAMPLE w/D-Rebel T3i w/18-55 kit and all three lenses
This is a screenshot crop of the top right corner of the Amazon CheckOut page for a shopping cart that includes the Canon D-Rebel T3i w/18-55 kit and all three aforementioned lenses. You can see each discount clearly identified (this is a recent improvement in the Amazon Checkout process).


Optional: STACKABLE with PIXMA PRO PRINTER + FREE 13"x19" PAPER promotion
Optionally, you can stack the above promotion with the Canon Pixma Pro printer AMEX prepaid gift card mail-in rebate promotion. The printer promotion got sweeter recently, you now get a free 50pk of Canon 13"x19" photo paper (your choice of luster or semi-gloss) when you add it to cart together with a Canon Printer (9000 or 9500). If all is well, the price of the paper will be automatically deducted at the top right corner of the Amazon Checkout page [see example].

The free 50pk Canon 13"x19" photo paper is attached to the Pixma Pro printers. If you buy the printers (alone or with the DSLR kits or with DSLR kits with Lens Instant Rebates), you qualify for the free paper.

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