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July 08, 2012

Cameraholic Digest: NX210, K30, NEX-F3, G1x, P510, WCL-X100, T4i allergies, Newsbytes, etc

It is time yet again for a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest. It's like TMZ, but the cameras are the celebrities in our case :)... As usual, you can find completed lens reviews and completed non-boring camera reviews at their respective pages. We fixed the Camera Reviews site, you can now once again see review-links in the index/category pages, for example, nikon reviews or superzoom reviews or full frame reviews.

Moire Comparison
+ Nikon D800e vs Canon 5DMk3 vs Sony NEX-7 at Mike Kobal (4 minute video) and text as well

+ NX210 review at DC Resource
+ EX2f short first look at WDC?
+ WB850F superzoom review at Steve's Wificams

+ Reuters blog shows their robotic setup for the Olympics featuring the 1D X et al at Reuters blog (via Galbraith)
+ D-Rebel T4i aka 650D aka Kiss-Achoo may cause allergic reactions confesses Canon - via PhotoXels and I-R et al
+ D-Rebel T4i/650D first wave of samples at Imaging Resources
+ 5DMk3 w/40mm f2.8 pancake brick wall f-range test at Ricehigh
+ 7D user manual updates with new functionalities via Photography Bay
+ G1x review at Neocamera

+ Coolpix P510 superzoom review at dpreview
+ D800 hosts 24-85mm f3.5-4.5 VR real-world samples at DC Watch Impress (via Foto Actualidad)
+ D800E and prime lenses at Sound Image Plus along with downloadable D800E RAW files
+ D3200 first impressions at The Phoblographer
+ 36 JPEG samples with the 28mm f1.8G at Photography Blog
+ new Nikon Monarch 7 binoculars at (computer-translated)

+ NEX-F3 review at Digital Camera Infoz
+ NEX-F3 hands on at Fotopolis (computer-translated)
+ NEX-F3 JPEG samples (64 of them, including ISO range) at Photography Blog
+ Alpha A65 opinion at Fotopolis (computer-translated)
+ RX100 gets a Canadienne price of $700 Canadian via PhotoXels
+ Cybershot HX20v superzoom real world samples at Photography Blog

+ K30 hands on at Pocket Lint
+ K30 autofocus videos on YouTube rounded up at Ricehigh
+ K01 at The Phoblographer
+ new camera pouch for the K-01 designed by Marc Newton via Pentax herself

+ WCL-X100 JPEG samples (42 of them) at Photography Blog (the wide converter for the X100) and short user report at Steve Huff Post
+ F770-exr superzoom review at CNet Australia
+ music video recorded with X10, F550 and F600exr via @FujiGuys
+ Fuji increasing prices of motion picture films world wide via Cinescopophilia

+ M-Monochrom(e) for street photography at Erik Kim

+ TG-1 underwater samples at
+ SP-620uz review at Cameras UK
+ E-M5 first thoughts at TOP
+ E-M5 more samples with the 75mm f1.8 lens at Robin Wong

+ TZ25/ZS15 superzoom review at Steve's Superzooms and Cameras UK
+ FX80 review at CNet UK
+ FT20/TS20 elementproof review at Cameras UK

Other Gear
+ video review of the Kenko DG Extension Tube Set for m43rds at The/Pho/Blographer
+ KineRAW S8 test footage via Cinescopophilia

+ new BenQ digital cameras (superzoom, waterproof, 5x P&S with Panasonic and Sony sensors) at ephotozine
+ Getty Images gets initial bids of $4 billion via APE
+ Kodak Gallery closes as planned, pictures move to Shutterfly via PMA News Line
+ new firmware for the Sigma SD1 DSLRs at Imaging Resource
+ Canon SDK v2.11 available via Camera Hacker
+ Ming Thein launches photo contest where 70% of the entry fees get paid to the winners

Reference Material
+ list of new cameras in 2012
+ 2012 Trade Show Calendar
+ completed lens reviews
+ completed camera reviews (serious/advanced/interesting cameras only)
+ latest Camera Deals, specials, promotions and in-stock alerts
+ dedicated mini-site for Pre-Orders and Stock-Status

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