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July 24, 2012

Cameraholic Digest (Mirrorless Edition): G5, E-M5, NX210, NEX-F3, K-01, XPro1, etc

Gaspy-gasp! It's been a full week since our previous edition of the Cameraholic Digest. We are breaking today's updates in three different episodes in order to bring them down to more readable sizes. We start with the mirrorless camera gear (Part II covers DSLRs, and Part III covers fixed-lens cameras)...

Canon Mirrorless has landed
+ announcement day round-up
+ 24 hours after the announcement round-up
+ 48 hours after the announcement round-up [NEW!]
+ whole system available for pre-order at Amazon

+ G5 review at Photography Blog (previously mentioned in review alert)
+ G5 vs Olympus E-M5 at ephotozine
+ G5 day zero (announcement day) reviews at Tech.Radar and (yes, we didn't post a new Cameraholic Digest since before the Panasonic announcement!)
+ G5 preview (along with LX7 and FZ200) in 18-minute video at Camera Labs
+ more reviews: G5 and all m43rds cameras

+ E-M5 review at EOS-HD
+ E-M5 vs Panasonic G5 at ephotozine
+ E-M5 hosts 75mm f1.8 lens on a photo-walkabout at Robin Wong
+ E-M5 with MMF-3 and 12-60mm Zuiko SLR lens at The M43rds Story
+ E-PL2 distilled observations at Blog Beebe
+ more reviews: E-M5 and all m43rds cameras
+ stock status pages: Olympus E-M5

+ NX20 studio test samples at Imaging Resource
+ NX210 at ephotozine
+ NX1000 samples gallery including ISO-color-chart at ePhotozine
+ NX200 with 20/2.8 test results at Colorfoto
+ more reviews: NX20 and NX210 and all NX mount cameras

+ NEX-F3 review at Photo Review and DC Resource
+ NEX-F3 first impressions at Sony Alpha Labs
+ more reviews: NEX-F3 and all NEX mount cameras

+ K-01 review at Registered Hardware
+ spec-sheet comparison: K-01 vs K-5 vs K-30 at Rice K-High
+ more reviews: K-01 and all K-mount cameras

Fuji (not -tsu)
+ X-Pro1 8000 frame user review at Pro Photo Nut (via @FujiGuys)
+ more reviews: X-Pro1

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