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July 24, 2012

Cameraholic Digest (Fixed Lens, Video, Etc): Sony RX100, Leica X2, TG-1, Superzooms, etc

And now the dramatic conclusion of today's Cameraholic Digest trilogy! Part #1 focused on mirrorless cameras, Part #2 focused on mirrorwith cameras [new term alert?] (aka DSLRs). This one focuses on fixed-lens cameras and everything else... Lens Reviews, as usual, can be found at the Lens Reviews mini-site.

The Sony RX100 Show
+ completed reviews at PhotoClubAlpha and Photography Blog and Amateur Photographer UK
+ RX100 and distortions at Outback Photo
+ RX100 vs Olympus E-M5 vs Nikon V1 comparison shots at Steve Huff along with preview
+ RX100 unboxing at CNet Australia
+ more reviews: RX100
+ stock status updates: Sony RX100

+ X2 review at Pocket Lint
+ X2 test results at
+ X2 on-going action at Sound Image Plus
+ Leica limited-edition cover-case for lens-cap cleaning-cloth in-depth review at Rangerfinder Forum (oops, it's not April 1st yet!)

+ LX7 and FZ200 previews (along with G5) at Camera Labs (19 minute video)
+ LX7 and FZ200 previews at (via m43blog)

+ TG-1 iHS waterproof review at Ryan Brenizer and
+ more reviews: TG-1 iHS

Superzooms Superzooms
+ Canon SX260 HS superzoom review at tech.radar
+ Fuji X-S1 on-going action at Nothing Matters
+ GE X550 superzoom review at Steve's Superzooms
+ Kodak EasyChair Z5010 review at CNet
+ Nikon Coolpix L810 AA-superzoom review at tech.radar
+ Sony Cybershot HX20v superzoom review at dpreview
+ more reviews: Canon SX260 HS and Fuji X-S1

Digital Video Action
+ Mixing Formats (Arri Alexa, Canon 5D and C300) at Hurlbut Visuals
+ KineRAW S35 video interview at DSLR News Shooter
+ CVP blog on Blackmagic Cinema (via C5D)
+ Blackmagic Camera interview via Cinema 5D
+ SLR Magic Noktox clarifies warranty for CINE lens via Twitter

Contests and Giveaways
+ win a Tamron 18-270mm lens Facebook contest at PetaPixel
+ Environmental Portrait Salon contest at mu-43 forums
+ sexy swim suit snap shot contest at Benjamin Kanarek

Reference Material
+ list of new cameras in 2012
+ 2012 Trade Show Calendar
+ completed lens reviews
+ completed camera reviews (serious/advanced/interesting cameras only)
+ latest Camera Deals, specials, promotions and in-stock alerts
+ dedicated mini-site for Pre-Orders and Stock-Status

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